Best pet bed I've seen in ages

A beautifully designed bed, soft and very spacious. The best pet bed I've ever seen. I bought this bed for my 8 week old kitten and she loves it. The inside has a removable panel which can be turned over to either a fleece or polka dot design to match the outside. The bed is extremely spacious, a little too big for my kitten (I think), but will definitely see her through adult hood. I'd repurchase this bed in a heartbeat, whether it be for a replacement or as a gift for a friends pet

01/17/17 | Reka

Very cosy!

Bought this bed a couple of years ago, it is still in good shape, very soft! My cat wasn't sure about it first, maybe the smell wasn't right, but you have to keep rubbing in it on the cat to transfer his/her own smell. Now he ( and the neighbour cheeky cat too) loves it

07/02/15 | Nina Foggin


I don't know why, but my kitten hates this bed, won't go near it! I've tried everything, washing it, spraying a little catnip on it and nothing! I have no idea why, it's a lovely bed and looks VERY comfortable to me. Maybe it's just my fickle little cat but don't let that put you off, it's very plush and soft and I'm sure any normal cat would love it XD

05/03/15 | Kirsty

Excellent value for money! My cats love it!

Brilliant cats love to snuggle up in this, especially in front of the radiator! Highly recommend!