25/02/18 | Deborah Benbrook
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Good - but beware that the dry heat causes skin issues

I purchased the XL version of this as my cat is very large. It was well made and sturdy. HOWEVER, a word of warning. My cat has been using it for 6 weeks and we've had to discard it as his skin has gone dry and flaky. This is due to his skin being totally dried out by laying on the radiator. He is scratching, over grooming and twitching all over. We've had to get a spray from the vets to ease the itching. Wish I'd never purchased it
30/09/14 | Andrea
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Good strong frame

A fairly good quality item, with nice plush fleece. Not as big as expected. My 18 month old Savannah already seems too big for it. It could do with being a bit deeper. Wood buy again if bigger, my cat thinks it's a toy at the moment so it gets attacked before sleeping in it.
27/12/12 | Katzie
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Poor design

My cat loves it, but I can only put it in my living room, where there is a windowsill overhanging the radiator, which holds the cat bed in place. Without the windowsill the bed would not stay up at all. It's designed ti fit a very deep radiator, which is not a standard in the UK. So, if you have standard radiators this cat bed won't work unless you take a metal saw and cut the metal frame to size... Also, I had this cat bed for a few months and have to get a new one as the fabric cover on the old one just fell apart. My cat still loves it, but if you are looking for quality and good design, this product is probably not for you.
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I was really underwhelmed when this arrived. The 'luxurious' fabric looks really cheap - i would certainly never have paid the full price of nearly £20! In fact I'm struggling to see it's worth £10!
19/11/08 | Kate
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I must agree the quality is not as shown in the photo. However I still thought this product was good value- for only £9.99 it does exactly what it says and my cats love it! (Also the bars in the product unscrew so you can fit most central heating radiators snuggly)
08/04/08 | Jess & her kittens, Cola & Pepsi
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Love/Hate relationship

my kittens love it, i don't. like with most people's, it will not fit on my radiators properly, hangs forward quite a bit. but my kittens love it. either one sleeps in it & hogs it, or they both squeeze on it. so its worth it for my kittens but looks horrible hanging wonky my radiators.