10/04/17 | Babs Ruch

Best for purpose, but quality lately bit off

I've 9 rescue cats, all go outside, and I've been buying these collars for years. They suit the purpose best with the flap to write phone number in. However, in recent past I noticed the quality has gone down a bit. The safety latch on some is so tight that even I had trouble opening it (let alone a cat pulling away from being caught on a branch or fence). On most collars the button of the flap is so loose that they constantly open up at the slightest trigger. Still best buy though.

02/22/13 | Emily

Great collar with one minor niggle

Easy to put on (no buckle - just snap-on). Attractive, brightly coloured, made out of a nice material. Bell is not too loud or annoying. The flap which you can use to write your details is extremely handy, and saves me having to buy separate identity tags which can also get caught on things. The price is very good considering my cats lose their collars quite frequently and I don't like having to fork out close to £4 every time they need new collars (which is what you pay for most major brands). However, these collars could do with being slightly more adjustable - it fits my 5.2kg tomcat very well, but it is slightly too big for my 3.5kg girl even on its tightest setting. Also, when I tested out the 'Snap and easy safety fastening', I found that it took a LOT of force to 'snap' it open. In fact, it took such a force that I am sure it would NOT snap open safely if they got it caught - they simply would not be able to tug hard enough. Fortunately I was able to adjust this by filing down the fastening slightly using a sanding block. Now it snaps open far more easily and my kitties will be safe if they get caught.

03/08/10 | Lisa


My two use these all the time and they have never managed to get them off. I have even got phone calls from neighbours asking of my exceptionally friendly cat should be out. My kitten has been wearing it since 6months and my 1.5 year old will not be seen out without it.