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Dimensions fit rabbits too

Most cat harnesses are too wide for rabbits, but this one fits our 1,5kg bunny fine. He doesn't mind wearing it after he got desensitized to it with treats. We don't use it outside just want to have it around for safety reasons (to have him secured during transportation, inside a vehicle or new place to avoid accidents/escapings). (There are some safety concerns regarding rabbits and harnesses you should know of before trying one, better ask a vet first)
30/01/18 | Nici
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Almost perfect

The harness itself is great. The lead less so. At one point the lead broke apart at the metal clutch, but this is because the cat pulled very hard indeed (got scared).
07/07/08 | Steph
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Harness good but doesn't fit right.

Quality is fine, quick release clips great. Length of brace (from collar to body just behind front legs), is too short (3.5cm from inside edges of collar to body). My 14 week old females are too big for it (tried it on 1 and it tugs at the collar). Other than that, it fits a young kittens neck and body very well. I could cut brace in half and sew in a bit of black elastic to lengthen it, I suppose. Kitten harnesses, hard to find. Neck 16.5cm - 23.5cm, body 21cm - 32cm. No diagram for fitting.