12/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.es
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Doesn't work

This is the third one I've had and this is nothing like the German engineering I was expecting. It just won't work.
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15/01/19 | Dee
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Works brilliantly

Set it up easily with my 2 cats . Just put some treats in the tunnel. Stops little Paddy from next door but one stealing my cats food. Sweet little cat but Greedy
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Very good

Easy to instal, works as described. Our relatively small cats didn’t take long to learn to use it. It does click so if you have a cat who objects to snappy / clicking noises it might be an issue, but ours will sit next to us while we use power tools so it was no problem for them. Best of all, the big bad bully cat who kept coming in and terrorising ours is now kept out. Highly recommended.
26/12/18 | Adam
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I'm gutted, even though it's a great product

Unfortunately, like only 1 other reviewer, this product seems to be ineffective for my situation. Bought 2 and the greedy cat took to it immediately, but the one who likes to graze won't go near it. He doesn't want to put his head under the arch, and the motor sound terrifies him. Alas, I was so excited for this and feel really sad. Otherwise it's a great product.
17/12/18 | Fran Low
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Be careful if you have very large cats

I have used these for about 6 years, have 4 cats & 3 feeders, they are all on different diets. One will eat nothing but biscuits - sadly. One on a renal diet, one on a normal elderly diet & have just rescued a skip diver, counter surfer dustbin cat. My Maine coon cannot use his properly. He has a very long neck & because his microchip is between his shoulder blades, it won't recognise it until his head is out the other side of the arch. It then opens & he panics running off with it around his neck. I could use the rfd tag, but, he has never had a collar & feeding him on the hall windowsill at the top of the stairs that only he can reach, seemed an easier option. They are rather large & tricky to clean, especially if your cat eats like a rotavator! Very good item that does save you money as less waste from spoiled food.
14/12/18 | Jackie
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At last!

I didn’t think my daft cat was going to get it but after almost 6 weeks he’s had a eureka moment and ‘by Jove he’s got it’! We have one cat on a special diet so now he’s learned which bowl is his and all going well. Great idea just give it time and they will get it eventually. Only one design flaw is when on trainer mode the light constantly flashes draining the battery and as with our stupid cat got through lots during that phase.
13/12/18 | sophie Ride
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VIP entrance!

With the price of this product I wanted to give it 6 months before reviewing.This has been such a great purchase!! It gives the cats their daytime freedom and they enjoy going through the the tunnel.I am happy as I know that nothing else can come in the house without the chip opening the door and the draft excluder on it is perfect at keeping the cold out. I've used 3 tunnel add ons for this on my back house wall and it's fine.The click people speak of is not an issue for my two cats (3yrs old)
01/12/18 | Debbie
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Excellent product

Reiterating other reviews, this is a brilliant little cat flap. Mickey is a bit of a chubster, but still manages to get in & out easily. He was initially wary of the clicking noise as it unlocks, but has since realised what it is & isn’t bothered. I find it is sensitive, & can hear it clicking the minute his head is anywhere near the flap. It’s less draughty than the manual one & has various settings, so the negative reviews on that are misleading. I have a much calmer cat & no more intruders!