05/05/22 | Ciara Sastre
: 5/5


Having tried different types of littler I am back to get 2 bags of this. It is easy to clean every day / clumps very well without becoming cement. Even deep cleaning with a brush and soap is no problem. When my cat jumps out of the box and litter fly's everywhere its easier to pick up by hoover that some of the other litters I have used. It also doesn't smell or stick to my cats paws.
: 5/5

Excellent litter

The litter I have used for years suddenly went out of stock. I then started the laborious search for a replacement. After trying a few different clumping litters I tried this. I have to say this is the best litter I have used, clumps well, not dusty and really easy to clean on a daily basis. I've ordered another 4 as a little worried this will also go out of stock and I'll be back to square one! Highly recommend this litter.
28/06/18 | Ellie
: 5/5


Tracks a fair bit but copes so well with smells and cats took to it right away when we changed from wood pellets. Only flaw is it’s not biodegradeable and can’t be used with kittens!
18/06/18 | Solange Souris
: 5/5

Catsan litter is great

Very good clumping, easy to remove clumps and very low dust.
: 5/5

The best litter I know

It is so much easier to clean the cat toilet, it really clumps perfekt and it takes the smell away.
13/02/18 | Annamarie Day
: 5/5


I tried a lot of different litters as my cats and kittens are fussy 🐾🐾I have moggys and pedigree cats 🐈So I was amazed that this litter does what it says on the packaging 📦 it’s soft on their paws, cleans off easy. It clumps in a round shape, it was easy to scoop. No nasty smell, and the litter tray cleaned with no scrubbing or scraping. Best off all, everyone of my cats will use it. I’ve finally found one worth that little bit extra ❤️🐾🐾
03/02/18 | Victoria
: 5/5


I don't know what people are moaning about (those who gave this only one star). Tiny particles of clay do stuck to cat's paws but they are almost invisible. Try no-clumping litter. Those are like white rocks and my whole house covered in no time. Smell? There is no smell with this litter at all. This ultra clumping litter is absolutely perfect. I have 2 rescue cats. One15L bag lasts me over a month which is a great value for the money.
28/01/18 | Samantha
: 5/5

Best litter I've found!

I've tried several clumping cat litters and this is my cats favorite by far. I have 4 cats and a very happy house!
25/01/18 | tootsiepops
: 5/5

Best choice

Excellent on all counts. Posted my previous review on the wrong product. Can't seem to edit it. Sorry.
31/12/17 | Samantha
: 5/5

Best cat litter ever!

This product is amazing! By far the best clumping litter out there.
02/10/16 | Linda
: 5/5

I always return to Catsan clumping

I have 15 cats and have to do the 'unlucky dip' at least 3 times a day to keep the trays clean and fresh. I've tried many other brands including Oko, Sanicat, Worlds Best and Golden Grey but for odour control, clumping and low dust I always come back to using this one.
20/03/16 | Ronnie
: 5/5

good service

I have been using this litter for quite a while now and I find it great. I haven't found it sticking to the cat and travelling around after him, but he does tend to scratch about when he has finished, trying to cover it and this does go on the floor but a quick vacuum clears it up. He is 18, blind and deaf but such a character and until his sister died last year, he went outside and never used a litter tray. I was surprised when he started. I won't change this brand as I find it economical.
09/09/15 | Darrell Hardy
: 5/5

Purrfect cat litter

Having a very picky older female cat, we had one hell of a job finding a cat litter she would take to. We tried many varieties and without a doubt this is the one she prefers. Unlike some litters it's nice and fine so it won't hurt her paws. It does make a bit of a mess sometimes but a litter mat outside the boxes helps and quick vac doesn't do any harm. I used to purchase this litter elsewhere but I will now be purchasing it from zooplus every time, along with her food. Reason being it's by far the cheapest a.d best place to buy. I was paying £6 for a 5 litre bag. Now I get 3 times as much for just about double the price!! Also zooplus is the only place that sells the 15 litre bags Canterbury complain at all.
: 5/5


I've had cats all my life and this is the best litter by far. It clumps fantastically without crumbling when it's being removed from the tray. Consequently, nothing is left in the tray, so there are no smells and it lasts the full two weeks. I top the levels up to keep the required litter depth. Nearing the end of two weeks, as the depth starts to thin out, liquid can sink to the base of the tray and stick to the bottom. This isn't a problem but keeping a good depth makes removal easier. I wouldn't switch to any other litter.
03/05/15 | Kate
: 5/5

Great litter!

I have been using this litter for over 2 years now and I can safely say that it's the best litter available. It clumps very quickly and keeps the litter tray odourless. It's also very economical.
: 5/5

Very good. super easy

I have a (large for his age) make kitten. This product is really good. When I have been to other cat owners houses the first thing I smell is the cat litter tray. I have asked people if they can smell this and they say no. Other cat owners have asked what I use because they've not noticed any smell. There is no smell when he has been to the toilet. I don't personally love the smell of the clean litter but I think I only really notice that when I'm topping it up. I fill the tray really deep and just scoop out the clumps. Ive not had to do a full change yet because there is no smell and it looks clean once you take out the clumps. I wouldn't recommend if you have a shallow tray as the clumps stick to the bottom. My only complaint is the price. It's worth it to have no smell and ease of cleaning but I might try another clumping litter that is on offer cheaper. I've had my kitten less than a month. I have 2 very large trays each filed with 15ltrs and am needing to top up one of my trays that he uses more. There is still alot in the tray but so that it doesnt stick to the bottom