Run out of my usual cat litter, so tried this as I’ve been told it’s the best. After my cat had a wee it stunk emptied it, it left a soggy smelly mess, and it’s expensive , never using again

12/11/21 | Anna

Truly awful

I've used various litters over years. This used to be the best but when I switched back to it. Starts to smell after a few days doesn't last a week without emptying it and had a pool of urine at the bottom of tray and I use a big tray for my cat. Wondered why my cat was trying to sneak off and wee somewhere else. They must have changed the ingredients. You might as well put in a cheaper brand same result. Bag also so delicate tears easily. No fun when that happens on your car boot


Catsan litter

Used this litter for 3 years but for some time it's doesn't hide the odour when my cat used it . I had to change it daily . It never used to be like this and my cat would walk white powder around the house when ever he had been on the litter. I have had to use a different product and can honesty say i will not return to catsan. Very disappointed and it's expensive

10/27/21 | Rob Crowe

Messy, wet and smelly

I think they must have put the wrong stuff in the bag. This remains wet, without clumping, and trails all over the house, and it stinks really bad. Replaced it with much better Cat's Best cat litter.

07/16/21 | RK

Far and away the worst cat litter I've ever used.

So. It smells terrible. It has a weird chemical odor to start out which is not pleasant, but then when the cat urinates in it, it gets much worse. The litter box appears 'dry' so you might think that the litter is working to absorb moisture and all is good, but in fact, it just off gasses all the unpleasant odors that get sealed up with clumping litter. AND, the smell of the product combines really badly with the smell of cat litter. You will regret buying this.


Fantastic Litter, Keeps Odor At Bay

Bit confused at the low ratings for this. Maybe a bad batch? But I've not had any issues with this litter at all, and it keeps the smell contained at the bottom of the tray. Definitely going to purchase more of these.

03/06/21 | Ellie

It will smell. A lot.

It tracks less around the house (which gets it an extra star) but the smell around the box is SOMETHING. Please read the "long-lasting odour binding effects" line as a "it WILL bind the smell around the area you keep your litter in". You'll be trading an occasional cat poop smell with a constant pungent curtain of stink hanging around the litter box. Can't say I'm happy with the purchase as the litter box is now a bio-hazard weapon.

02/15/21 | Tess

Changed formula?

This product used to be excellent, and we used it without problems for our two cats for ten years. But recently we have had to change it more than twice as often for one cat. Thought maybe she's drinking much more, but my daughter reports the same issue with her cat. I suspect formula change to make us use much more and increase profits. I am changing brands.

02/07/21 | Julie Hirst


I normally use cheaper cat litters but, got a big 20l bag of catsan, never again will i buy its the worse cat litter going even worse then shops own brand

11/30/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My flat has never smelt as bad as it did when I used this litter for my 8 year old cat's litter box. I'm not sure exactly how it's supposed to stop odours because the whole place stank ????? I wouldn't recommend it at all.

11/08/20 | Vitor

Best litter

Super absorbent. No odors. Easy to keep it clean. Everyday I pick up the poop and once a week a change the entire litter. No need to add a lot of litter as this is super absorbent. +/- 3cm is enough

09/25/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


I was convinced to try this litter box from the many positive reviews, but my experience was very bad. With 3 cats and 2 litter boxes, the stench could be smelt despite the latter being closed, and the oldest rebelled right away by peeing outside of and around his litter box. Immediately returned.


Not great at all

Bought this because my usual cat litter was unavailable and I was not impressed with this at all. It does not clump, instead the particles turn a dark grey where the cats have peed. These particles are then impossible to lift out of the litter tray (due to no clumping) and they smell very strongly of pee. I had to change the entire litter tray after 3 days as the smell was very intense.

06/29/20 | Fernanda

Smells and doesn’t last

I have to change everyday or else my bathroom smells like cat pee.


It used to be perfect...

This litter was used for 2 years without any issues, does not smell and absorbs very well. Unfortunately the last three bags are very bad. It does not absorb and the smell is horrific because the liquid stays at the bottom, you need to clean the litter tray completely. I thought it was one failed bag, I ordered a second and a third: same. I suppose they have a huge backlog of failed bag from their latest batch. 1 Star for the current state of the litter. I'll get some next few month when fixed.

04/22/20 | steph

9 years no problems

I have used this cat litter for over 9 years and never had an issue. My house never smells of cat. Highly recommend. I will be trying to find a wood pellet replacement just so i can compost it but if i cant get one to suit I will be back using this.

02/25/19 | Suzanne

Great product

Clumps very well, seems to last a long time

02/02/19 | Deborah


My first bag is ok but second bag is soooooo dusty. Like white cloud, unfortunately I bought two big bags, have to dump them. Waste money , my bathroom covered by white powder just in two days. Ridiculous

12/21/18 | joanna lewandowska

Very Good

Pleased with this litter, doesn't smell bad. The only bd thing I can say that it is a bit dusty.


Does NOT smell!

Great product. Been using for years. It does not smell at all so I am really puzzled what other reviews are talking about. Cats love it.