10/08/18 | Heidi Orange
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Worth the extra pennies!

We've recently swapped to the clumping Catsan and wish we'd done it years ago - our spare room is no longer permanently coated in a layer of fine grey dust :-) Using litter tray liners helps to save any 'unused' litter and cleaning the tray out is so much easier. We have a large tray and find a box of litter lasts a week - would definitely recommend.
07/08/18 | Isabela
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My favorite clumping litters

My cat is picky and likes the litter extremely clean. Lua loves this clumping and me too. It is easy to maintain and odour free for a longer time. For me worth the price and I recommend.
01/08/18 | Susie
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Great litter

I've always used Catsan for my cat, it's easy to clean and stays fresher for longer. The only cat litter for us
26/07/18 | Humphrey Littlejohn
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Best By Far

Easy to use, clean and mess free. No unpleasant odour. Definitely the best I've tried.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

One of my favourite clumping litters

Been looking for a while for a good clumping cat litter that's not messy and easily carried out of the tray, doesn't smell unpleasant and doesn't turn to a sticky concrete when soiled. This ticks every box so far. Only downside is that it's a little pricey but does last longer than others I have used. Only further purchases will confirm how economical it is in the long run, but definitely willing to find out.