05/22/22 | Robyn

Best of all I've tried

Was using ultra clumping catsan but our cat was coughing which we put down to dust. Since then we've been trialling eco-conscious brands in pellets. Way less dust but pellets are awful for absorbing smell and sticking properly to poo. Gave this a go and while it is a little dusty there's no cough as it doesn't fly up in the air as much and is plant based, not rock. Also good with smells! He does kick it everywhere a bit cos he likes digging it but I think a bigger tray would help with this.

02/20/22 | Julie Rochette

I mean it lasts long

because all 4 of my cats absolutely refuse to use it. I think it's the smell of the product that puts them off.

12/21/21 | Lesley Johnstone

Catsan natural

Loved this cat litter at first . But after finding it everywhere after our cat had used it , very annoying hard to pick up. Have broken 2 litter scoops trying to get the clay like litter out when used

12/05/21 | Sylvia

litter is all over the appartment

We usually buy catsan super clumping litter, but I thought I would give this a go. It's clumping well but does not do a good job in absorbing the smell and pieces of the litter are all over the place which did not happen with the other version.

05/16/20 | Kasia


This cat litter is the best which I ever had. Whats important is 100% natural, absorb perfect so you can keep your tray in good conditions for a good while.



No odours and best litter for not tracking. It is expensive and does stick to bottom of litter tray but best cat litter I have ever had.


Excellent cat litter

This cat litter is perfect because it's clumping really well, thin and binds smell efficiently, will definitely buy again!