31/08/22 | Kate
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This litter clumps excellently. We have two kittens, and they took to it straight away. Very easy to scoop daily, not very dusty when you’re changing out the boxes every week. I’d highly recommend it!
05/07/22 | Anna
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 1/5

Bad cat Litter

Uh bad bad bad. First of all its not clumping Second bad smell from it and cat dont want to go to its toilet Third not worth the money too expensive for so poor quality, i never had issues with tiggerino cat litter but this one is just awful if i would know i would choose other's but not these unfortunately when i needed cat Litter tiggerino was sold out and instead i bought this awful litter. Dont buy only if you want non clumping you can buy these. Plus not worth that money too expensive.
05/07/21 | Ewelina
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Horror litter

I don't know which one is worse, Tigerino or the above. Very poor clumping, you'll have that litter all over your place, awful smell and very dusty. It sticks to the paws and claws and hardens quickly, therefore you'll have to wash your cat's paws everyday, and only I know how my cat hates bathing. Absolutely awful, don't buy.
17/06/20 | Elina Aas
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Love it

I put this litter to the test today and as I was filling up the litterbox, I already fell in love with it - it is superfine, almost like sand and virtually dust free, which is amazing, since my oldest cat is allergic and over the past 6 months I've tried many different brands of cat litter but I guess that this is it. My cat immediately went to test the litter and I gotta say that it clumps pretty good and it doesn't track, like many others. Will buy again.
10/06/20 | Jesus M Diaz
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Not really clumping

This litter is apparently clumping, but only apparently. After used by the cats you can see the ball formed but as soon as you try to remove it with a shovel, it melts down in many small pieces impossible to clean.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

So So Cat Litter

Pluses are that my cat prefers it and uses the litter box again, he'd stopped liking the texture of the previous litter and it doesn't track. Cons, it's very heavy and while odour control in the litter box is good if you use a litter locker as we do, there is a notable odour of urine. I'm not sure if I'd buy this again but if I can't find a similar product that doesn't have better control then I will.
13/09/18 | Maria
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Life saver

Only one our cat prefers, meaning with this, it stopped doing poops outside litter tray. So grateful
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I have ordered this litter three times now. It is productive and not too much dust. Also odour control is great and it does not spread around the room. I have been looking for a dust-free litter for a long time, because my big Maine Coon has a bronchial allergy and previous litters have aggravated this problem by kicking up dust. My two Persians have also accepted this litter well. I've given as many stars as possible!
20/06/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Best litter

We are absolutely thrilled, for us there is no other litter. After a long search, we have now found the perfect litter for our Maine Coon :) no longer sticks to the coat. No dust, no smell...absolutely recommend
08/06/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Lilly and Lucky

Very effective litter - accepted by both cats (unlike wood litter, which has led to accidents on our bed!)
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Best litter

This is the best, most effective and thus cheapest litter I have had. I have tried a lot! I think it's great that lumps form and can be easily removed. In addition, it hardly sticks to paws and does not spread through the rooms. The smell is NEVER like cat to me. I will buy this great litter again and again.
14/05/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Very satisfied!

I have been using this litter for several years now and I am completely happy. Tried a lot and often ended up with litter in the whole apartment, terrible smell everywhere... Since using Biokat's Micro Classic, nothing smells here anymore. We have often been asked if we even have litter boxes for our cats :-) There is no dust either and it smells great. Nothing else for us.
20/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.de
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I was very excited about the Micro Classic before, but now I think that it's even better. TOP
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Best cat litter with super scent

This is the best clumping litter so far. I have tried many before but this is the best. I have two cats and they both like it very much. It never smells like toilet, but always smells fresh. Even if you have not cleaned the litter box every day!
22/12/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Best litter

Best value for money, fine-grains, smells good, very productive and clumps well.
09/11/17 | Beryl
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Brilliant Cat Litter

This is the best cat litter i have ever used in 5 years. My 2 Maine Coon girls love this stuff. The fussiest one will even curl up in the litter box she loves this litter. Keep it deep and scoop twice daily and you will reap the benefit of this litter. Just let the wee sit for 20 minutes and it clumps beautifully I use a fine mesh metal scoop no sticking to the tray or the scoop. Tracks a little bit but lets be honest a little hand held vac next to the litter tray and a 10 second clean up.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Very good litter

I like this litter, I mix half of it with the classic litter because I find the smell pure but a little extreme. Mixed it is perfect for us, I really like it. There is no dust, it doesn't get spread around the house and lasts a long time without any unpleasant odours. I've tried others but this is the best.
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Very satisfied

Very little dust, optimum clumping, holds odours reliably, smells very discrete, great value for money, no difference from Diamond. Ideal for a household with several cats, also much easier to notice little treasures, thanks to the white colour of the litter ;-)
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

On the whole, very good

We've had this litter for about 9 months now. For the best results, put about 3-4" in the tray, at least and then don't scoop up wees straight away. It sets better if you leave it for 15-30 mins. It does stick to the scoop if you try to clean it out before you have allowed it to set. It does last a long time though, I usually top up the tray once a week. Our cat is happy with it too. We had no issues when we changed her on to this from a non clumping litter. It hides all odours too.
20/10/15 | Carole Buckley
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Cat sitter

My cat sitters first question when I got back was, what cat litter do you use its fantastic.......not only did she order it that day for her cattery but is recommending to all her clients😺😺