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On the whole, very good

We've had this litter for about 9 months now. For the best results, put about 3-4" in the tray, at least and then don't scoop up wees straight away. It sets better if you leave it for 15-30 mins. It does stick to the scoop if you try to clean it out before you have allowed it to set. It does last a long time though, I usually top up the tray once a week. Our cat is happy with it too. We had no issues when we changed her on to this from a non clumping litter. It hides all odours too.
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Great odour capture

This litter clumps really well and is great at reducing odour. So much so that my kitten plays in it as he can't even smell he peed in it! However as its so fine it tracks and scatters far and wide, even with a hooded litter box I have to sweep the floor by the box daily to prevent it scratching our laminate. It is amazing value when bought in the double pack and is definitely great for cleaning out quickly. My kitten is still indoor only at the moment so using it multiple times a day every day, removing the clumps daily means it need to be fully changed about every 10days I'd say as the little bits f soiled litter that fall of as I remove the big clumps start to smell after this time. Don't need to put the full depth in that is recommended unless your cat is a real digger though.
31/10/12 | Sam
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It has my cats vote!

My cats seem to prefer this to 'worlds best cat litter', they don't like any litter with a synthetic smell and this clumps very effectively. Definately recommend.
19/06/09 | Melinha
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Decided to try

I've decided to buy this cat litter for my cats to try. I have to say we are all very happy with it so far. It is high-absorbant and holds the smell effectivelly. However, I've also changed the food from Royal Canin Fit 32 to the Indoors. It must also be related to that. I rated it as "good" instead of "very good" because I am completely against the imposition made by Zooplus that forces you to buy two bags at a time. I might try to find it in another retailer where I can buy one bag of 15l (already a good quantity).

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