Pleasant smell but not really clumping

The product is okay, smells nice and my cat didn't complain about the change, however it doesn't really clump, when I go to scoop it up it crumbles apart and it's not easy to just get rid of the clumps.
10/04/17 | Rhonda

This just Smelt horrid! Won't purchase again!

Dunno if my bag was defective or something but it didn't smell of Baby Powder at all! It just smelt horrid. Clumped ok and low dust, but won't buy again as can't stand it's weird smell!

Didn't work for me that well

I have 3 female cats so it is important that sand is clumping well and that it doesn't smell to keep the box clean and so it doesn't smell. I red few reviews about this one and sounded very well. Unfortunately it didn't work that well for me. I clean the box 1-2 times a day. it still smells and the baby powder wouldn't help either. Plus I didn't like that the sand had very small grains, so once it falls on the floor, you just can't get it together. Maybe for one cat it works well, but not for my 3 darlings. Plus as I mentioned - very difficult to clean the floor after.
04/04/12 | Hazel

Should have listed to poor reviews

I ignored the poor reviews on this product and thought I would give it a try. I am sorry to say they were right. The clumping power of it is very poor, as soon as youu touch a clump it falls apart leaving even more mess to try and get rid of. Sorry but I wont be buying this one again
02/14/11 | Janie

Cheap but...

Cheap and smells good but does not clump as cleanly as more expensive brands. Up to you.
12/27/08 | Nathalie


The litter is good at the price, but it is not clumping very good.
08/18/08 | urbantigers

Doesn't clump well

I bought this because it was on special offer and while it is good in terms of odour control, it doesn't clump well. The clumps tend to disintergrate when I try to scoop them out (unless I can see exactly where the clumps are and get the scoop right underneath them). Golden grey clumps better so I will be going back to that when I've used up the Tigerino.
03/31/08 | Jax

Not great at clumping

Pleasant smell - clumps well initially, but clumps disintegrate as removed and therefore harder to keep litter fresh. Disappointed, going to go back to other products.

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