05/28/21 | Marita

Smells like milk and honey !

My cats love the product but I love the smell. I wouldn’t expect the smell to be so “accurate” I guess. It’s a very low to non dust. Amazingly absorbs everything. I have been using this brand for years. I have 2 Meincoon who’s 17 yo, Turkish Angora 14yo and 3 Cornish Rex cats, ages 3-6-7. They all seem to like it.
05/06/21 | K.S


I have bought Tigerino clay litters for over 10 years. Recently the litter has become very dusty, so dusty I have to keep the lids open 24/7 and when I clean up then there is dust all around the litter tray and me trying not to breathe it in(imagine what the cats feel when they use the toilet and it would have a lid on). First I noticed it on a Vanilla scented version, thought that maybe it was a bad batch. Next time ordered Lemongrass and then Sensitive. All of them had the same problem!

Does exactly what it says on the packet!

Previously used a litter which tracked and was very dusty. After reading the reviews I ordered with confidence! Not disappointed. It stays in the tray and as it’s a powder it doesn’t track with my cat! Amazing the way it clumps! I literally took out three scoops! No pet odour at all!👏👌
05/16/18 | Skye

So good!

Great clumping , last ages,smell is good & odour control is great . Only wish it was a little cheaper as bag size has been reduced . Cat love it
04/26/18 | Natacha

Trigerino Canada sensitive

My cat doesn't like litter with added scent so the sensitive one is perfect for him. Originally, I was using Catsan but this is 100% better. Doesn't smell, clumps really well and lasts forever. Tracks a little but with a good litter mat it doesn't go much further than a few steps around the box. Happy kitty, happy cat mommy! :)
04/20/18 | K Gahagan

Canada cat litter

I usually buy Tigerino Nuggies and am on just now to order it after buying this, Cats seem to kick it everywhere and finding it all over the house, which I never get with nuggies. Good in the tray though and nice scent.


Up until now, I used the same cat litter for over 20 years - but Tigerino Canada is now the favourite! Subtle scent, no dust - just amazing!

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