28/05/21 | Marita
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Smells like milk and honey !

My cats love the product but I love the smell. I wouldn’t expect the smell to be so “accurate” I guess. It’s a very low to non dust. Amazingly absorbs everything. I have been using this brand for years. I have 2 Meincoon who’s 17 yo, Turkish Angora 14yo and 3 Cornish Rex cats, ages 3-6-7. They all seem to like it.
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Does exactly what it says on the packet!

Previously used a litter which tracked and was very dusty. After reading the reviews I ordered with confidence! Not disappointed. It stays in the tray and as it’s a powder it doesn’t track with my cat! Amazing the way it clumps! I literally took out three scoops! No pet odour at all!👏👌
16/05/18 | Skye
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So good!

Great clumping , last ages,smell is good & odour control is great . Only wish it was a little cheaper as bag size has been reduced . Cat love it
26/04/18 | Natacha
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Trigerino Canada sensitive

My cat doesn't like litter with added scent so the sensitive one is perfect for him. Originally, I was using Catsan but this is 100% better. Doesn't smell, clumps really well and lasts forever. Tracks a little but with a good litter mat it doesn't go much further than a few steps around the box. Happy kitty, happy cat mommy! :)
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Up until now, I used the same cat litter for over 20 years - but Tigerino Canada is now the favourite! Subtle scent, no dust - just amazing!