26/02/23 | Rocio
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Excellent customer services

I ordered this litter tray together with many other stuff and when I opened the box, the white part of it was broken. I contacted customer services and send them some pictures of the litter tray and within 24h they replied saying that would send a new one free of charge. Received this new litter tray the other day and it's PERFECT for my cats. The old one fits in there and has enough room to move inside. We have another litter tray of the same brand at home and the cats absolutely love it and wedotoo
11/11/18 | Sammy
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Wish I had bought this toilet ages ago. 6kg 8 month old maine coon lots of space use together with the clumping litter took a full bag but scoop out mess twice a day and change monthly. Very easy to keep clean well worth the money
01/03/18 | Val
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Great Litter Box

Very happy with my purchase. Our two boys started using it straight away. It is rather large and slightly bulky, but looks really good and easy to clean. Due to the corner shape it gives our boys tons of space to maneuver inside the litter box, which is a huge plus point. Please keep in mind that it requires quite some litter to fill it, but it is absolutely worth it.
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I am ordering a second one for my 2 elderly cats who seldom go outside now. The original is 3 years old. I am sure people are putting the door on the wrong way round if it does not fit. I did first time! The side clips are fine as long as you align them on the base correctly. They are bound to break if you force them.
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You cat to be kitten me ...

Oh my god i have rescue cats and always rescue and 1 of mine is a big girl and wow there is enough room for pudding and boo 2 both be in there and dig for australia.. 1st ever xxl litter box that lives up to its name .. this is the 1st box all of pudding can get in .. shes 1 happy cat ...usually she puts her back end in and hangs rest out .. many trays and boxes later she thinks her xmas and birthday has all come at once ..ZOOPLUS 😍😍😍👍👍😻😻😻FROM PUDDING N BOO XX
19/11/17 | Beata
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got that with our first cat Ragdoll Boy (weights 5kg now) a year ago who enjoys using it, doesnt like the doors so we do not use them, good size for big cats but would get bigger size for Ragdolls as more space to turn around inside, we got second of those for our Rgdoll girl as she wont be that big as her brother so plenty of space for her. he constatntly jumops on top of it and not damage yet, it is a bit scratched inside but thats normal. would recommend
10/11/17 | Andrea
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Worth it

This was a pleasant surprise when it arrived. I expected something much smaller and cheaper looking but i am really happy with it. My large cat uses it easily. Very good value for money.
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Fantastic value for money. Easy to clean and great size for a Maine Coon. Actually keeps the litter inside which is a miracle.
06/10/17 | Mel Price
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Great product!

This litter tray is amazing and just what I needed for my elderly cat! She has recently had to have a back leg amputated so was struggling to use a normal rectangular open tray and was making a mess outside of the tray. I needed an enclosed one with a side opening wide door which would be easier for her to get in and out of. The design allows her easy access and to turn around easily to get back out. She is frail and 19 years old thank you for manufacturing a product which makes her life easier!
02/10/17 | angel alexander
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Really nice

Good value for money
29/08/17 | Jaime Crawford
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Corner Litter Box

This is a great product. And, Zooplus, thank you for your great customer service! My original one was faulty and they re-shipped me a new one pronto and it works exactly how I want it to. Thanks again!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Does the job well

Nice and high at the back so liquid stays in the tray rather than leaking outside. very good for two large male cats.
11/08/17 | Abi
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I live in a flat with 2 housecats. Their last tray took up so much space, was quite ugly and it was time they had 2, instead of sharing one. I bought 2 of these and they are great. They are like little cute toilet pods, they fit well into corners and the door flap lifts up all the way for easy cleaning. They feel really well made and are just so much less cumbersome than other trays I've used. Cats took to them straight away and not much litter tracking. My only complaint is that they don't come with a scoop and there is nowhere on them to store or conceal one. Not a very big problem though.
21/07/17 | Emma
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maine coons

our maine coon kittens love it. I don't need to upgrade their toilets in the future, I hope!