04/03/18 | Wendy George

English please !

A very good product but the label on the bottle I received is in German, which I don't speak, so I had to spend ages finding the instructions online before I could use it hence 4 **** instead of 5 ! Come on Zooplus ... surely you could get some labels produced in English for your British customers !!!

02/05/17 | London Dweller

shake well before use!

I thought to add that instruction as it's not on the website and it's ridiculously difficult to read it on the bottle label (which happens to be in German and French only!) I used it on a urine stain on a carpet that was cleaned 2 months ago but still had a slight smell. I sprayed it generously and cover it with cling film overnight. It really did the trick: the smell is completely gone and the treatment has not damaged the carpet (which is bright green). Great product, in my experience.

07/30/16 | GKS

Removed odour but cat still pees!

My cat peed on the bed a number of times so I bought this product to remove the odour and hopefully put a stop to this unwanted behaviour. I confirm that the product has a nice smell which helps removing strong urine odour, n my case - from the mattress. Unfortunately though, my cat is very stubborn - he returned to the same spot and peed again, Bottom line - this product was not as useful for me as I would have hoped, I will keep searching for a more robust solution.


Does what it is supposed to do, but not fragrance-free

According to the product description, UrineOff is meant to be fragrance free, so I am not sure where the strong smell comes from. Aside from that, the odour and stain remover does its job very well.

10/15/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Carpet cleaner also works well on sofas

I really needed to find a good cleaning product after my new cat peed on the sofa. Thanks to zooplus, I found UrineOff. First I applied about a quarter of the bottle, and then the next day around the same amount. You could still smell something for a couple of days, but now the smell is totally gone. This is a really good product!

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