Too Small!

Great product concept but they cheaped out and made it too small. I have a smaller cat and it barely fits into the box.

Best litter tray yet

Really easy to assemble and the product works really well. Makes clean up so easy. Saves you having to scoop the litter, just roll the litter box and everything lands in the pull out drawer ready to be thrown away. Kitty used it immediately.
02/26/20 | Patsy Ward

Great litter box

Have it about 3 weeks now and I think it's a great invention.
11/07/16 | Mary K

Follow-up review, and it's not good.

I first bought one of these at the start of the year as it sounded good in principle, and it did work - to a point. But even using a very fine litter like Tigerino clumping litter, clumps would still stick to the inside of the main tray area and prove very difficult to dislodge. There was also an issue if any clumps formed in the filter grill as the litter set and blocked the filter from working. The filter insert itself tended to pop out of its bottom housing when the tray was rolled which meant that the tray needed to be taken apart to refit it. On top of this, the plastic started to crack and come apart where it folds over along the top, leaving a large gap that allowed a lot of clean litter to be lost into the removal tray. When I reported the issue with the cracks to zooplus, they kindly replaced the entire tray for me. I had high hopes for the replacement but this too developed the same cracks and I found that it's not possible to buy a replacement filter insert on its own. So I now have two litter trays that are not fit for purpose. My cats love them as the entrance is low and very suitable for one of my cats who has arthritis but I can no longer roll them to clean them so they need to be cleaned manually which defeats their purpose. For the price, I definitely think they're a waste of money and I have given up on the idea of self-cleaning litter trays and am returning to the old fashioned manually cleaned trays which will cause me less stress and save me money on litter.
05/04/16 | Vormulac

Excellent piece of kit

I (well, my cats) have been using this for a few weeks now and it works exactly as described. Easy to assemble and use and it does a brilliant job. It even works with the cheapest clumping (clay) litter I could find although I daresay it would be even better with more expensive stuff.
04/14/16 | Mary K

The principle is good but...

The idea is great but the quality of the product is poor. The inner filter grill regularly pops out and the tray needs to be opened to refit it which defeats the purpose of having a quick-clean litter tray. The plastic on the bend of the filter grill cracks, allowing clean litter into the collection scoop, and this has happened on both our original model and it's replacement, meaning that we're having to use duct tape to plug the gaps. It still needs to be opened every day to allow me to scoop out the small clumps that get through the filter grill despite trying it with both very fine and coarse litter. I don't think it's worth the money, but that said, our cats love it, preferring it to both open and covered trays.
03/13/16 | Jennieshea@hotmail.com


Using this box since August. The filter does tend to pop out of place when you try to sift litter. I will be trying out a different box. The plastic on the removable filter has also cracked.
03/05/16 | u.a.

Too expensive for flimsy quality

As the text does not allow for an extensive review, here my verdict, that this product is too expensive for the quality. Bad value for money ratio.
03/05/16 | u.a.

great idea but product is not robust enough

Been using litter box for a few weeks now 1. Cats prefer to use space that is brighter. 2. Flimsy plastic makes fitting together of the box v difficult. Not very stable, cleaning sieve detaches at the worst moments when rolling, because clasps don't grip properly as fit top/bottom is poor. Would prrefer to pay extra for better execution of product.
11/02/15 | SM

Flimsy, but does the job.

It works, with a bit of effort - if something is stuck to the bottom you got to shake/rattle the box a bit, then it'll come lose alright and roll into the compartment. However, the locks on the side are few, and they are flimsy, so you got to be cautious to not accidentally open them. With proper locks I'd give it 5 stars, with the flimsy ones I don't trust that this will last.
06/30/15 | Suzanne

Makes my life easy

Used this nearly 4 yrs now, I used clumping litter Professional Classic Cats which works very well with it, I have tried 5 different ones. I found at first the filter kept lifting but realised that part was not inserted correctly around the top edge. Don't roll too fast, as you will get good litter in disposal tray. I empty before I go to bed every night and if you bang the bottom slightly all clumps fall off. If you do not filter regular the clumping litter will stick hard to the base. I have the litter champ too so easy to dispose of and keep odour under control. No more digging for nuggets! Yay and not so bad if someone comes in to look after cats if you are away.
12/12/14 | x-Moneypenny-x

Excellent - Worth Every Penny

Love this litter tray. Been using it for about 2 years now and it's still in great condition. I use Worlds Best Multi Cat litter and I'm very happy with the way it works in the tray. I generally roll to clean about 3 times a day and give it a full clean in disinfectant/ hot water fortnightly. Sometimes there is some litter stuck to the bottom which I just wipe over with an antibacterial wipe. I add an extra scoop of litter each day to replace the litter that's been removed (I tip dirty contents of drawer into a nappy sack to discard). All in all a great product which makes cleaning easy and looks better than an open tray. Definitely recommend!
11/25/14 | Shelagh

Bit of a cheek, but ....

I was surprised by ('disappointed') review of the litter box. I first came across this type of litter box some 15 or so years ago when I first stated to be "owned" by 2 Siamese brothers 18 months later Alice joined them. The first litter- box was replaced with another identical box and it is still in use today thinking back this one must be 10 years old. So I most certainly have got my monies worth!!
08/14/14 | Orchidhouse Bengals

Easy to use!

For use with clumping litter. Would not be good with wood pellet. Just slowly turn the whole litter tray to filter all clean litter through a grill leaving all lumps/clumps behind. Flipping the whole tray upside down then drops all lumps into the removable tray so you can simply poor it straight into the bin. Slowly turning it back again releases all clean litter back into the tray. Takes less than a minute to complete. I clean mine out once a week in hot soapy water. The trick is not to overfill the litter. I really like this litter tray and it's the cheapest type on the market. Recommended.
07/20/14 | Janice

Fantastic Litter Box

I have had mine for nearly 5 years now and I love it I use it with worlds best cat litter and my two huge ragdoll brothers are very happy. I find it easy to clean I take apart and disinfect in shower. Highly recommend
01/28/14 | nicola

best ever

i love this, i used to hate cleaning out the litter tray, now it takes about 20 seconds. love it. no regrets.
01/17/14 | Sandra Grateley

Time saver

What a great idea and it works too. I have three cats, I usually clean it out two or three time a day, and it's so quick and easy. I have had cats for years but this is the best litter box I have had.


love it! super quick and easy. was a bit of a struggle to get it together but well worth it.

what brand of litter is recommended with this litter box?

We have our first ever kitten and I am keen to get her to use a litter box with a hood eventually. The roll n clean one sounds good. What brand of litter should I use with it? Someone said a fine litter but I would appreciate some specific recommendations.
04/11/13 | JaX

Sooo pleased :)

Love it! Works best with very fine clumping litter. No tracking. Deep roomy box. Litter lasted longer. Best to put a deep layer of litter in. Cats seem to love it and dig and bury very enthusiastically but you get no litter being flung out as its a deep box. You need to roll it slowly and bang on the bottom of the box to release any wet litter. What I did find was that the grill seperator could get clogged up if you turned the box over to quickly. It was easy to put together except the plastic clips are stiff to fasten but better that than rolling the box over and have it come apart. It is very quick and easy to use and easy to clean. I have dogs that take great delight in eating cat poop and I found I could easily clean this box out several times a day if needed. Very good value for money and it seems to make the litter go further as well. Would def recommend to others. Cleaning the cats boxes out has become a doddle and not a chore. Teamed up with the Litter Champ and you just cant go wrong.

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