Self Clean Cat Litter Boxes

No more unpleasant scooping and cleaning of the litter tray. The self cleaning cat litter box does the job for you! In just seconds the litter box is clean and fresh again. The innovative designs of the self cleaning litter boxes make life so much easier. It is fast and hygienic.
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    2 products

    The Roll'n'Clean self-cleaning litter box is the hygienic way to keep litter boxes clean. This innovative litter box makes cleaning easy and you won't need a litter scoop. Your cat will love it.

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    Taupe / Grey
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    Self-cleaning cat litter tray with silicate cat litter, offering effective and unbeatable odour control using 5-10 times less litter, with an adjustable cleaning cycle, health monitor and hood.

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    Ultra Cat Litter Tray
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    Refill Pack
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