01/07/18 | Iba Hart

Oh god, that noise

This toy has a reasonably sturdy pole, an elastic cord, and a cute little plush mouse. The slightest movement causes it to make a shrill EE-EE-EE-EE-EE noise. You cannot turn this off. My two cats love it - they get very excited by the squeaking and it's a definite improvement over silent toys. It is currently wrapped in a scrap of furry fabric and stuffed into the cat-toy-drawer. It goes off when I walk past. Buy it if you hate peace, quiet, and the people you live with.
12/13/16 | ChloeC

Good and bad

Pros: - Cat bloody loves it. - Will play with it for absolutely ages, favourite toy. Cons: - Squeaks every time you move it, so if you plan to 'hide it' when playtime is over (which I would recommend, for the cat's safety) you need to put it in a different room where the cat doesn't go and you're not going to accidentally knock it. Otherwise the cat WILL find it. And she WILL steal it. - Feathers were gone after about 1-2 weeks. - Squeaker is about to fall out after a month/ish
02/06/09 | Amy~ Louise Day (14)

Review of Shadow's Mouse toy

My cat (Shadow)loves this toy! he went into the box where I'd hidden it & unwrapped it before I gave it to him. He loves the "wiggly-ness" & the squeak. The only probolem with it is that he bit holes in the stick & ruined the elastic only a couple of days after he got it, Otherwise, a great toy & I would still reccomend it.
01/29/09 | George Nash

Brilliant but no sound :-(

This arrived last night and our kitten immediately went crazy for it! The sound was a bit annoying but he seemed to love it! Unfortunately, when i got it out this morning, there wasn't a sound to be heard from the mouse. It doesn't seem to have dampered his enthusiasm for it though although I'm a bit disappointed it broke so quickly.
10/31/06 | Julia


I forgot this toy was meant to squeak, i pulled the little tag that said PULL, and now i cant put it back in! The cats love it though as it sounds like a litte tiny bird. Well i think my cat likes it, he hisses and growls at it! Its quite amusing for me to watch him get so worked up over a little mouse! The feather tail is still on. Just wish i could stop it from sqeaking sometimes!
06/12/06 | Barbara

Real squeaks

This mouse squeaks really nicely and for ages, it needs no batteries and the cats love it, but the feathers came off its tail within half an hour.

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