01/09/22 | Kristiina Räst

My cat loves it!

My cat is playing with that toy all day long. I installed it to his scratching post so he can play alone. He has so much fun and I am very happy to see that.
01/10/21 | Weronika

The best toy ever

My cat is very quiet and he can get bored with toy very quickly but not with this one. He got crazy about this toy, its big joy for me since many toys he wont even try to play...
12/12/20 | AJ

Can cause aggression

My cat loves this toy. It never fails to get him up and jumping around. He goes absolutely wild for it. The only downside is that he has gotten very wound up by it on a number of occasions and has ended up growling or hissing. This brings playtime to an end! It's great to get him going but we need to direct his attention to another toy so he doesn't end up frustrated and in a bad mood by not being able to pounce and kick the cardboard bits.
11/16/20 | Catalina

Amazing for kittens

I LOVE THIS TOY!!! Keeps my kitten very entertained and he gets super tired after 15 min of jumping around
08/27/20 | Aisling

Endless enjoyment

My cat just loves this toy. She doesn’t get tired of it at all - I have to end the game for her!

Exellent toy

It is now the most favorite toy of my cat! It's looks simple but my cat (1y.o.)goes absolutely crazy for it! Highly recommend!

Brilliant and value for money

My 10 month old cat has played with this toys since he was a kitten. He absolutely loves it and I have bought many replacements as the end thing breaks apart after time. Great value for money.
06/24/19 | Clare

Brilliant toy!

Other toys come and go but my cats never grow bored of this! They are obsessed with it! Such a great cat toy! I would highly recommend it.
12/06/18 | Nikki McKay


Probably the best chase toy I've ever seen and I've been buying toys over 30 years. My cats (12, 11, 5 years old) go absolutely crackers for it. With other toys, they lose interest but this one keeps them running around as long as I want to play with them. They now beg (or mug me) for this toy. I'm now buying a couple for friends with cats. Very, very good value.
10/23/18 | Katie

Our cats LOVE it!

At first I thought 'how has a piece of wire with cardboard got five star reviews' then I read the comments and everyone's cats seem to go crazy for it. I was curios and at such a low price I decided to buy one even though my boyfriend would probably think I'm insane buying yet another toy for our cats. Anyway, our two cats LOVE it and the boyfriend loves playing with this toy with them! Sometimes our cats will even play with it together without us, it's so simple but great.
10/12/18 | Eleanor

Truffy’s favourite toy

My cat, Truffle even plays with this on his own, holding one end in his mouth and running in circles trying to catch the other end, it’s hilarious. Get it you won’t regret it, although you will find yourself kicking it round the house because your cat drags it everywhere and leaves it in your path. Very helpful!


We have three cats of various ages 16, 11 and 1 and they all really enjoy this toy. I can get them completely worn out and it has made our 16 year old like a kitten again, leaping round the living room like a youngster. Our youngest is completely blind but even she can chase it and punce on it as it does make a noise, especially good on wooden floors. Such a simple idea but so effective, I couldn't recommend it highly enough.


Of all the expensive toys I have bought for my boy Jack, this is the one that has gotten the most attention! It’s cheap, it works and my lazy boy loves it. Very much recommend!
04/16/18 | Ella


I wasn't sure this product was going to work but both my very lazy cats go absolutely wild for this, cheapest and most effective toy I've ever bought.

Reliable fun

We hooked this toy onto our radiator so that the wire bounced around just within reach. Our cats play with it every day by themselves-- it is one of their very favorite toys.
02/11/18 | Jen Kirby

She is crazy about it

I have 3 cats. Each of them is selective about what they play with and each has their own toy. The tortoiseshell is crazy about the Cat Dancer. She leaps and twirls until she is exhausted. If I want her for anything I just have to get it out of the drawer. I worry about it being wire as I imagine it cutting her so I am careful when she gets it in her mouth.

Might be the best cat toy ever

My 14 week old BSH kitten absolutely loves this toy. It’s well made and just grabs kitty’s attention so well. It definitely helped with our bonding - he was going crazy chasing and catching it on day 2 after coming to his new home. Can’t recommend this product enough.
12/05/17 | Liz

Kubo's favourite toy!

My huge blue BSH Kubo ADORES this toy. He has plenty of other, fancier looking toys, but he always wants this one and will spend hours stalking it, pouncing on it, chewing it, clutching it to his chest like a baby, rubbing it on his face with a look of pure bliss...etc etc. I have no idea what it is that makes him so crazy for it, but there we are. A total bargain at the price!
08/24/17 | Lou wood


The best item you can buy. Hours of fun. They go crazy for it. Brilliant
06/29/17 | Carol Lester

Makes my blind cat DANCE !!

I bought this toy for my 17 year old cat and my naughty tortie but I didn't think my blind cat Mary would benefit, she has toys with bells on - my goodness was I wrong ! She is obsessed with it ! She wants to play day and night and she doesn't get bored of it at all ! She has lost weight with all the leaping about she does ! The other two love it too - that is if they get a chance to ( when Mary is asleep ! ) The best toy ever ! The movement of the wire really excites them. Go and buy one !

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