23/06/20 | Csilla
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Best feathery

Our cats love the feather sticks but they never last longer than a week. This one is amazing. One of our cats carrying it in her mouth pretending it is a real bird.😁 I ordered it 2 months ago and is still in one piece.
27/03/17 | Zenith
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Send help...

My name is Zenith. I am a very large, long cat. I have been attacking this invader for the past three years. It takes a month of daily chasing and vicious mauling of the creature until finally its feathers fall off. However it respawns, in different colours. Again I attack and attack and attack...but still it lives. My friends, I may need your assistance in dealing with this persistent menace. Send help...and snacks.
23/02/17 | KAY THOMAS
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best cat wand toy ever

A firm favourite, they never tire of this toy.
16/11/16 | Monika
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Best cat toy EVER!!

Got this for my five month old kitten after seeing the reviews, was a little sceptical as we had bought a large number of toys already, which received a mixed response... Until now!! As soon as this was taken out of the box he literally went bananas, leaping about in a frenzy, even growling and hissing at it (never heard this from him before!) He never seems to get bored of it- and despite mauling it vigorously and relentlessly , it is still in one piece. A few of the feathers have come out , but this does not affect the overall quality of the product, which I would thoroughly recommend for kittens with energy to burn , however I will also be buying some for my friends' cats (including 2 senior citizens) as this toy keeps them entertained, and is great for both physical and mental fitness. You will not regret this purchase!!
10/07/16 | Jo Woodhouse
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Cat pole feather dancer toy

This is a fabulous toy for a cat that has to stay indoors - I have a 1 year old adopted cat from a rescue who is adjusting to moving into her new home. She absolutely loves this toy and it is really helping us to bond. she has to stay indoors just now so it helps a lot with burning up energy and keeps life interesting. Bursts of playing madly allow her to settle and rest as she gets used to being here. I have found the danger feather toys are too much stimulation but this is just fab.
02/05/16 | Tania
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The Ultimate New toy for your feline!!

My two bengals have been spoilt with all the toys you can think of, from expensive to cardboard boxes.....but this is definitely BOTH their favourite toy!! They go crazy for it and gets them moving and active. We're from Australia and I thought 'Da Bird' stick with feather and sound was the best, but I think this toy has replaced the no. spot! Highly recommend and especially for the price too!
13/01/16 | Robin & Ruby
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This is evil and must die according to my cat.

This is a fantastic toy, it's well made, and robust, it arrived today and we've spent three hours playing with it while my cat attempted to kill it. I've never seen her so animated, from the very first start she perked up, and she's being intent on killing it ever since. Of all the toys we have, and there are many, this is the one that has grabbed her attention from the beginning. If she does manage to kill it I will be getting another one!
16/07/15 | Sue Fry
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Excellent cat toy

My 6 cats go mad for this feather bouncer toy. They know where it's kept so wait outside the cupboard door for it. Any cat would love this toy & I have 6 cats. I've never seen them more so fast before but with this feather bouncer - they love it!!! I've donated several to the local animal sanctuary who have cat cuddlers who come in to play with them so this is brilliant fun. A***** Excellent product
10/05/15 | Pam
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A great toy for a super bouncy Bengal. Daxter has not yet managed to wreck the dancer yet and he has played with it for a few weeks now!
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My cat is addicted

My very energetic young cat adores this. It has been his favourite toy since we got it months ago, and it is just now looking as worn as all the other feather toys do after a couple of weeks. It is also the only toy that he doesn't tire of. He even carries it from room to room and plays with it himself if no one will play with him!
18/09/14 | Zoe
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Cat Pole Feather Dancer

This feather toy is my cat's favourite. No other toy comes close to it. Highly recommend it!
08/06/14 | Rebecca
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cats love chasing this

They both love this one, seems a little stronger. The sticks on the others easily snap and the feathers come out easily but this one is still alright. Even though the black bit keeps coming out you can easily put it back on the stick. Overall it's a great toy and my cats enjoy playing with it, it should last a little longer.
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Best toy ever, believe me

I got a cat and my friend introduced me to this toy site, she has various toys but said this was the best one (only one) to get.... So I didn't listen and bought quite a few toys, but this IS the only one she plays with, indeed it's fair to say I too have to hide it as she goes so mad for it!!
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Honestly the best cat toy ever

This is the best toy i have ever got our cats. They love it and cannot get enough of it to the point we have to hide it away so they cant get hold of it when not playing. Also another great point its pretty robust, other dangler toys seem to get destroyed within hours of having it but this last about 2 weeks with 4 cats playing with it! Thoroughly impressed!
04/05/12 | Sarah
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Amazing toy

My cats are adults and they go absolutely crazy for this no other toy stands up to it, and its fairly robust. Alot of feather toys seem to get broken sometimes within 2 hours of buying them, but this lasts for maybe 2 weeks! So thoroughly impressed with this toy i buy one every time i buy there food!
24/04/12 | Fiona
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Brilliant - hours of kitty fun!

Bought this for my two little kits who went wild over this. Really well made and unlike so many other toys with feathers, there is no chance of them being pulled out of the stick. Highly recommended!
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Amazing Toy! Every cat needs one!

I have two young very playful cats and they absolutely LOVE this toy! They both pounce for it once we bring it out and they take it in turns to have a play - they got so competitive for it at one point we had to buy another one to appease them both! It is durable and has withstood the test of many chews and shredding! I would recommend this 110%!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Excellent Toy

Since we gave a home to a 6 year old Persian cat two years ago, we have never been able to encourage him to play at all. However, since introducing him to this toy he has turned into a kitten again. It's a delight to see how much pleasure and fun it has brought him. Highly recommended.
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Backwards Somersaults!

This is the best toy that I have ever bought for my 2 cats! One of them goes particularly crazy about it and leaps in the air doing frenzied backflips! I have bought 2 and they won't be seperated from them - carrying them around the house, up and down 4 flights of stairs. Brilliant!!
19/10/11 | M Bishop
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Just brilliant

My two kittens absolutely love this. I'm amazed it's still in one piece, because they rip at the feathers doing their very best to destroy it, and yet it remains unscathed. My cousin bought us a different cat pole and they have ignored it completely. This one however, only has to be shown to then to make them go crazy!