03/29/20 | Daga

Best toy ever!

Great, strong toy that cats absolutely love! My 3 Savannahs need to "fight" for it. Even my tortoise seems to be interested in it 😂


Looks like my cat's tail and a bird stuck to it. ;) My Savannah 3-year-old cat likes it, though it is not his no.1. Quality product, worth buying.

So much fun for the cat... and myself!

My cat loved this toy! He likes chasing and grabbing games, so this was perfect for him. The toy is longer than what I was expecting, which was a great surprise! It's well made, strong and it didn't break after all the pulling, biting and scratching it went through! Great fun to play with your cat.

I wish I had bought it sooner

Both my cars absolutely adore this toy and I absolutely love the price. Good job zooplus
11/01/18 | Sheen

Good quality construction and design

Excellent design, feels sturdy, enough structure to it to flip around and entice my kitty

Lovely toy!

Our kitten immediately loved this dangly toy! It's thick and velvety and slightly heavy which means it dangles really well. Really good quality (so far!) and our kitten goes bananas with the feather. Would highly recommend.

Cat's Favourite Toy

I've started to buy one of these every time I do a big shop. My cat goes mad for it, more than any other toy she's had. She hasn't decided yet though whether she wants to kill it, or groom it to pieces. Simple toy, but VERY effective.
12/29/17 | Ginny Berthier

Just amazing

Bought this for my Dad's cat, who will soon be 14 years old. Bushy found his inner kitten and inner hunter! He was jumping around like a youngster. AND it's a robust toy, even for a big boy like Bushy.
12/21/17 | Manolia Sfakianaki

Really good

One of my cats absolutely loves it!! It's so funny watching him play with it!!
12/13/17 | Maxine

A cats best friend

My cat can’t get enough of this toy. He carries it to uou and demands that you play. A real hit
07/06/17 | Loviza

Leo's favourite

Yes you have guessed it my kitten is named Leo and he loves dangler toys he has quite a few but this has become his favourite, for the price you can't go wrong and it will give your kitty endless fun.
12/19/16 | Lou wood

Best toy ever

1.69. They love it. They run off with it. It's great value for money. Buy it.
01/20/16 | Sarah

Perfect for my hyper cat

Our 1yr 7mth old cat recently started bringing home live mice. We were horrified as he's never done this before and is usually a very affectionate and soppy cat. We read up on how to discourage this and one recommendation was to stimulate him more at home. This toy has worked like a miracle! He loves it and will play for as long as we can keep up with him - some times over an hour in one go! He's then too tired to go out and hunt. Highly recommend!
07/03/15 | Jay

You won't need any other cat toy after you buy this!!

My kitten is now 4 months old and I had to come back and write a review because this product has far surpassed my expectations. It was the first toy she was drawn to at 6 weeks old and since then she plays with it constantly. She abuses it for at least 20-30 minutes every day, she never tires of playing with it like she does with all her other toys. After realising how boisterous my kitten was and only paying £1.49 for this dangler (SUCH a bargain!!), I expected the feather would fall off quickly, the pole would likely snap etc. But it hasn't! There is literally no sign of wear on the toy and it really does provide endless hours of entertainment for your kitty. I would recommend this leo cat dangler to anyone, its so inexpensive but has impeccable build quality.
05/10/15 | GV

Big hit

My boys and I have very happy with this toy. WE haven been having some fun time together

Great product

Strong, sturdy and easy to use. The ribbon is super soft and much longer than I expected, which gives my cat plenty to get excited about! She also loves chewing the feathers on the end.
06/15/14 | Nicole

Kittens favorite toy

This is such a simple but awesome toy. My kitten has a full basket full of toys but by far this is her favorite. The pole works well in 2 ways.. 1 it is easy for me to hold and play with her and 2 i can dangle it from wardrobes and high surfaces and she plays for hours trying to get it down ! I recommend it for cats all ages.. They will love it and its a great price !!
05/24/14 | Helen

Sturdy & Quiet!

Excellent value for money. Lasted for very long time. Would highly recommend. No bells etc so quiet while watching TV etc. Both my kittens love playing with it

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