18/01/19 | Amanda
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Fun in the crinkle tunnel

My kittens love this. It sometimes needs a shake to straighten out, but it's good quality and has given hours of fun.
09/12/12 | Emma Ward
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Fantastic toy for a fantastic price

My Devon Rex kitten loves this! He loves running at it, jumping in it and dragging it around the room having a fight with it. I have only given it four stars however, as my older cat is not interested and it does tend to collapse after a few days’ use. This is soon remedied by tying it up again for a few hours though.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Loved by mad cat so much it hasn't lasted long

I've had a blue and white version of this tunnel for about 6 months and am now back on Zooplus looking for another one because my cat, Leo, loved it so much it's torn to shreds and collapses with the slightest touch. Leo loves playing in the tunnel, attacking me from the tunnel and being attacked whilst in the tunnel. My current morning routine includes get up, feed Leo, shower, come out to find Leo laying in the tunnel ready to play, attacking Leo (consisting of rough fussing) and have him running out of the tunnel and then back in again to continue playing; I very rarely get ready for work on time! This is a fantastic toy and I would definitely recommend it for a trial toy, it's just a shame it didn't last the constant attention and wear from it's rather feisty owner (Leo not me). Looking for a tougher one now.
17/01/11 | Alison.
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Not a bad tunnel.

The advert says it 'stays in shape', it doesn't. This tunnel is a good size for cats and kittens and the material means it can be machine washed if required. Quality is good although i wish there were more colour choices. The only drawback to this tunnel is that it does not stay in shape and becomes flat. I have to keep opening it up every day so my cats can still use it.