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Super roller circuit

My cat loves it. Didn't realise that it was a flashy ball. The reason why I've given this product 4* , the plastic covers come off sometimes when the cat gets excited. But other than my cat loves it
07/03/18 | Jessica Pryce
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Only had it a few minutes so it's a little premature to review but my one and a half year old cat loves it. The only issue is the ball is slightly too big for the circuit so it gets stuck, i don't think it detracts from his play much but i'm sure it's not supposed to be this way.
02/03/18 | Jill & Alan Fidler
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Our cat Saliam is 'big boy', doesn't do a lot excercises until he got this toy. He has his meal (first things first), then straight to have fun with his toy carn't leave it alone,great fun watching too.
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Problem with the ball getting stuck

BACKGROUND: We've recently adopted a very playful 2 year old cat. We knew from her fosterer and watching her that she loved the circuit the fosterer had so decided to buy one. PROBLEMS: She wouldn't play with it as the balls kept getting stuck in the 2 end pieces which was extremely disappointing. It seems to be a design flaw/manufacturing error but either way she was not impressed. SOLUTION: We removed the end pieces and made a round circuit instead. She is back to loving it again.
18/02/17 | Alison
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Kittens love this

My cats love this toy and as I'm a breeder my kittens think it great. The only downside is is need puting to gather very firmly or it does come apart. We have 2 of them and just ordered the light up balls
20/09/16 | Mairi
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Took a few weeks but cat playing with it now.

I left this out and every so I would make it light up a nod try to interest her. To start with she took to lying inside the ring I made. Then today she suddenly started playing with. Seemed to enjoy making it light up and poking her paw. In the gaps. I am glad I bought it. I will probably add to it over time.
12/11/15 | Sanny
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Super Roller Circuit

My dear kitten does enjoy this game, yet had to take some of the blue panels out as it was uncomfortable for her to jump around and get at the ball. Overall a good and sturdy product that shall last a while!
12/11/15 | kevins299
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Good stimulating toy

My 2 Maine coons love playing with this, trying to figure out how to get the ball out. They play for periods of time and then ignore it, but do come back to it later. Strong and tough enough to withstand thier big paws!
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Kittens love it.

My kittens love this and the only reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating is that without the illuminated balls purchased separately, I'm not sure how much interest they would have shown. They quite happily play for periods through the day.
23/02/15 | Jan Oliver
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Pop a mouse in!

Easy to assemble and sturdily built. It took a few days for my cats to become interested in this game, unless I sat on the floor and pushed the ball round. We solved this problem by placing a small catnip mouse just behind the ball to encourage them to interact with it. Not a resounding success as only one of them plays but it's worth the money just for him.
02/01/15 | Cara Linden
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Weekly Fits of Madness

My kitten loves this toy in fits and spurts. She will spend a long time on it and then leave it for days. The older cats, not so interested.
15/09/14 | Herm
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Doubles as a puzzle feeder if your cat doesn't play with it

My cat patted this a couple of times and then never played with it again, so I've adapted it to a new purpose. I normally give Clawsewitz her dry food in a Catit Food Maze to make her work for it and prevent her gobbling too quickly, so I've added the ball track as an optional extra torture device.

With the track fully assembled, I drop a few biscuits into each of the four curved track sections, through the wide slits - I leave the ball in there for additional difficulty - and sit back to watch the fun. A very intent cat is the result, pawing obsessively for a while, leaving and returning throughout the day until every morsel is safely in her tummy. Clawsewitz is (whisper it) not the brightest of cats, so I've no doubt your cat will be able to handle this too.
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Keeps a playful cat occupied

This toy is great for my younger cat, he will play with it on his own. My older cat will play with it with another cat, or with us, as he has bigger paws and cannot reach through the gaps to push the ball. You can take the covers off the top though if your cat's paws are too big. It can be noisy when they are playing though so best not to keep it in the bedroom! A great buy for playful kitties.
30/07/13 | ColumbiaClaws
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Cat it Senses play circuit.

My Owner bought me this to keep me busy & stop me sleeping all day...but I'm a little confused as this new ring thing is quite comfy for sleeping in as well as being fun to play with...but my servant did say she thought it was going to have flashing balls ( she did not read description before buying she's silly lol)
22/05/13 | Mandy
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Not as popular as the 'flat' Play Circuit

I had tremendous success with the flat Play Circuit so thought this would give my 1 year old Oriental another toy to play with. He has a go with it but his preferred method of playing with the flat version is to wait in one place, bat the ball and wait for it to come back to him, then do it again and rinse repeat. As it has dips and rises he can't play with the Speed Circuit in the same way because the ball will stop in one of the dips, and so he loses interest. This is not a fault of the toy, it's just because of the way he prefers to play!
20/05/13 | Kirsty
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Cats love it

My cats love it and spend ages playing with it. The only issue is that the parts don't stick together that well. Other than that it is brilliant.
15/01/13 | Mer
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Pretty good!

My cat plays with it for about 5/10 mins every couple of days. I am very happy with the product, because I was afraid he'd get bored of it soon, but he hasn't.

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