04/02/20 | Adriana
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Our Ragdoll approves

He's been playing with it for over 2 weeks now and I think he likes it :D That being said, I'm not sure how the other Food Tree from Catit is different, cause on pictures it looks the same, and is half the price, so if I'd knew about the old version before I got this one, I'd go for the cheaper one :)
18/08/17 | Gemma Perrins
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Great fun

Great boredom buster! My boys love this and play with it all day. I fill it with their dry food as most cats like to work for their food rather than having a dish put in front of them. Big enough holes for their paws and big enough base so it doesn't topple. Both my cats use it at the same time and it's great fun to watch them too. You can turn the centre section to make it easier/harder for them to get food or treats