05/26/21 | Nicky Boyce

The cats love it...

...but it smells like something died, especially when it's damp from all the drawling!
05/14/20 | Richard

Beautifully Crafted.

This owl is so well made and doesn't disappoint. The stitching must be watertight and it's as colourful in real life as in the picture.It's an adorable addition to any cat basket and a charming feature. The scent is quality -very fresh, pungent, obviously from high-end herbs, I love it.Good value for such a well made and aromatic product.
11/30/18 | Suzy


My 3 Ragdoll’s go mad for any Valerian toys they live this owl even my fox red Labrador dog tries to pinch it. It does really stink but I’m not bothered my cats love it and if their happy so am I
12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Valerian Owl

I have 8 cats, they just love this little fella, have re-ordered time and again and donated the older ones when the scent has been reduced to a local cat charity (cos if you wash them the scent will vanish) its been a huge success all round
11/27/17 | Lucky


I wonder if perhaps I have received a different size to others as mine is quite a substantial sized toy? Its super cute and my old girl cat has gone potty over it. Currently this is her bestest thing! It is a bit whiffy when you first get it but the smell fades after a while. I find a good scrunch of it to get it "activated" again before giving it to the cat is good.
03/03/17 | Uva

Magnificent toy!

Very much, very much it was pleasant!
02/04/16 | Angie


This smells very strong at the moment, but other reviewers have said the smell goes for us humans after a few days. One of my cat loves this. He is a big boy, tipping the scales at 27 lb, but he's tall too, and this is a good size for him. He just goes crazy on it. My other two cats prefer catnip as they sniff this suspiciously, not sure what to make of it at the moment. It is really cute though.
10/07/14 | Lil

Calms my wild boy

I have two cats, one of which was completely feral when rescued 10 years ago. Although my other cat can take it or leave it, the 'feral' one (he's only feral when other people visit now) loves valerian so much he tries to get through the box when it arrives. After playing with it by rubbing his face in it and cuddling it, he settles down and isn't fazed by anything. We've tried things like feliway for when visitors come to the house (they are both house cats) but nothing has helped, valerian has solved that problem for us...he's a much more relaxed cat when people visit as long as his stinky pouch is nearby. This particular one seems to be even more loved than the plain, smaller pillows and mice. The only downside is that for the first few days the whole house smells of valerian, it's still worth it though seeing my boy so relaxed.
06/09/14 | ffroglet

New Favourite Toy

All my Australian Mist Cats prefer valerian to catnip. My female especially loves to play with her valerian toys in the bathroom. This new owl is really sweet and she absolutely adores it. Valerian is pretty whiffy when new but only lasts for a day or two to our senses. Juno will enjoy her owl for many months
06/08/14 | Carly

Super Little Toy

This toy is a really excellent buy. Although it's slightly more expensive than the others in the range, its design makes up for the pricetag. Light and easy for cats to throw around, and durable enough to withstand a good pounding, the Owl definitely met with the approval of all of my cats. The svelt its filled with seems to really excite all of them, thanks to the rustling and crunching when they catch and bite it. This, and the Mouse and Cushions (both filled with the same stuff) have been carried all over my house, left as presents for me in my bed, taken to the feeder at dinner time and hidden in the toy box to stop other cats finding them easily. They are firm favourites and I'll definitely be buying more of them.

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