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A little annoying when you're trying to sleep

Our 2 year old Siberian loves these mice. I just keep buying them as he manages to loose them under beds, fridge's, sofa's. He particularly likes it if you hide it in one of his box scratching toys and spends hours trying to get it out.
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Mouse chase

My cat loves chasing this little mouse if I throw it around for her. She’ll play with it by herself too although it takes a firm knock from her paw to make it squeak so she loses interest fairly quickly once she’s stopped moving it around. Great value & an immediate hit - well worth it!
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Love it!

I buy a set of 3 of these my little dog plays with them more than my cat, I buy them regular with all the mauling I don't expect them to last to long but they take quite a thrashing I've been buying them the past 3years look same size to me regarding a review saying they were smaller I see no difference at all, they have provided hours of enjoyment for the small price and when these mice eventually had it I'll be buying more!
01/02/16 | Marua
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My tabby cat loved playing with this and when my daughter visited with her chihuhua and shitzu they loved it too especially Ruby the shitzu......she mauled the heck out of it and it was still going strong squeaking after 2 weeks......great value and enjoyment.
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Best toy ever!

My cat LOVES this toy! The squeak drives her nuts (and thankfully is not so annoying as to drive us nuts)! She carries it all over the house and chases it and plays with it for hours. Excellent value for money.
29/11/13 | Jennifer H
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My cat's favourite toy

This is the most brilliant mouse ever. It makes a loud squeaking noise which drives my cat crazy with excitement. He carries it from room to room and then tosses it about.It is so cheap but the best fun and I am just ordering several more.
20/08/13 | Carol Bird
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I only have to make this squeak and both cats pounce on it, realistic game playing with this toy