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Boring sequence

Boring sequence For cat. Also laser beam dissapeared after while. Had to dissaseble item to fix the wires.
02/01/17 | Tiiu
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This is a good product and fun for my cat but the side effects not so much. I've had to stop using it because now every flick of light from a phone, reflecting water, my laptop or a mirror sends him insane. My curtains get attached daily when anything reflects on it. So in short, it was fun at first but I think my cat thinks Aliens are coming to get him :-) Some serious long term paranoia has set in. I probably wouldn't of bought it if I had known it would do this.
08/07/15 | Robin
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Good but a bit too random and quick

While my cat(s) do like this toy, they lose interest after a few minutes because it is too random and sometimes too quick and they cannot follow it. It will shoot in areas that they cannot see and when they lose track of it, they stop playing.
24/12/14 | NW
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Greatly loved while it lasted...

My cat (Heimdal) is very sad today because his 2nd favorite laser toy fell off the table and now won't move the laser around. This toy is ok, he seemed to enjoy it while it worked. However, there are a few drawbacks to this one. It's very fiddly, it only moves in 2 specific ranges. One is very far and one is too close. Placing this on the floor the circle only projects slightly in front of itself and adjusting the mirror puts it on the wall. So the solution is to put it on a table or windowsill. This is a new set of challenges, you now have to find the exact spot of the -edge- of your table or sill. Otherwise the cat will only get to play half of the time. Which is how mine found itself falling to the ground every time my laser loving cat tried to make the laser work. He discovered where the button was and started pushing his head into it. So of course, it makes it fall. Of course, anything will make something fall if it has to sit on the edge of a table. The first fall made the mirror no longer stay in position, so we had to stuff a piece of paper in the slot to keep it positioned (only one position makes the laser stay on the ground) and that was literally on day two of owning this toy. We've had this toy for 2 months and now it will only work in manual mode. And this is slightly unwieldy to use it that way. So if you have a very curious cat who likes to investigate things (i.e. knock things off of tables sometimes) don't expect this to last very long. Also, when it falls on the ground all 4 batteries pop out. The cats found that amusing. Otherwise, he really loved it and often would ask to play with it.

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