catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Ordering a second one.

Its cheaply made but still going months later. My cat is OBSESSED with the mouse on the rod. It has to be hidden at night or she drags it around the house for hours. I'm getting another one for when it inevitably falls apart
26/01/21 | Jasmine
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5


My cats love this! Usually they don’t like stand alone toys but they love this one. They love playing with the dangle on it and the rattle balls inside, longest they’ve played with something so very happy. Recommend, especially with the great price
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

The mouse is the best bit

Our female cat absolutely loves the mouse on the string/stick, but is not interested in the cheese corner. Is it possible to just buy the mouse on its own? She adores it & will bring the mouse to us to throw & dangle. I think she loves it so much because it is very lightweight & she can carry it in mouth easily & the bell adds an extra element when she is playing on her own. We have already bought 3/4 of these because she loves them so much, but they sometimes don’t last very long.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Very good product

My cat is very happy with it.
14/03/18 | Beatrix
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

It's alright

My cat only plays with the mouse, she already destroyed it :D can I buy that separately somewhere? :D The toy itself it's alright for it's price, probably the cats who like other cat toys will love it, but my cat it's weird and she barely accepts any new toys :)
11/09/17 | Sasha
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

He Loves It!!

Bought this for my 6 month old kitten. It took him a little time to figure it out but he really loves to play with it now. Very well made.
23/08/17 | Clare
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Brilliant fun

My four month old kitten, Misty, loves this. The mouse keeps her entertained for hours ... let alone the balls inside. We keep this away when we are around and let her have it when we are out at work ... it definitely keeps her occupied and active. The mouse wand does come out, but then she carries the mouse in her mouth and plays with it on the floor. Again, a great product.
08/08/17 | Samantha
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

A bit hit and miss!

My youngest loves these kinds of toys with balls inside them, as well as mice and pole toys. So when I saw this I thought that I'd give it a go. He hasn't played with the balls at all. However, he does like to sit on the cheese and he does like to play with the mouse, both with it attached to the cheese and without. The quality isn't great so I can imagine it won't last that long ( i've had it 2½ months so far) but overall he does enjoy it and it didn't cost that much to begin with.
31/07/17 | Michelle
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Excellent for hiding treats

I have 2 indoor Ragdoll cats that need a lot of stimulation, so I purchased a cheese corner to hide some of their treats. They absolutely love it! The only problem that I found was that it slides across my wooden flooring when they are trying to get to the treats. It was easily resolved with a door mat underneath, although they do still manage to drag the cheese corner across the tool or flip it over.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Great little toy

My 2 cats love this. My boy has discovered that he can get the stick out though, but the beauty of this is that you can put any other stick toy in there if necessary. Great value for money.
01/06/16 | Cat123
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My 1yr old cat LOVES this

We recently rescued a 1 yr old cat and e LOVES this. His favourite toys are micr chase on strings anyway and this is fab for when we're out. He put his little paws into the holes to get the balls and the mouse on string which. I didn't expect to last more than 5 mins (his destroyed bigger quicker!) is still going strong a fortnight later of play. Will def get another when this one dies.
14/03/15 | Fia
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Brilliant toy for young and old cat

Most say when i first saw the toy i tot that it looked a little small and boring ,BUT my tree Cats completely disagreed they have had so much fun with this toy and its a great place to hide some treats in for when you going out and you want them to entertain themselves .. If I could give it more an 5 stars i would .
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

good fun

my baby 6 months old like it. She a spoild rotten :D have too many toys but she like to go back to this. yes the mouse.. came out after a min... but i think no cat toy can survive my kittie behavior XD all together i like it, was perfect for this price
02/01/15 | Cara Linden
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5


My kitten LOVES this toy -- she tries to get the balls inside and also goes CRAZY over the dangling mouse. Good value for money.
19/08/14 | Adrian
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Dangling mouse!

My ragdoll kitten "Lana" loves it! she can spend hours playing with the mouse dangling around the cheese,she loves the little bell sound. she doesn't play much with the cheese though, i guess she'll use it more when she's a adult cat.
16/06/14 | monxeri
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

A hit

Our cat really loves the mouse on this toy, not as much as her bird toys but this is a close second. What is great about this, is that the mouse is always moving around and is a bit tricky to catch. She also enjoys putting her paws through the cheese holes. She is a fussy cat and doesn't like many toys so I highly recommend this one.
11/06/14 | Sarah
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

A definite favourite!

Our cat loves this toy! It's only small, but that makes it easier to play. Although he is a big cat, he sleeps on it, grooms it, puts his paws in the holes (we added extra toys inside), pounces on to it and rolls around the floor with it. The pole doesn't generally last too long, but well worth the buy. When he wears it down to the cardboard, we just buy another. He's quite rough with it, but still lasts over a year.
12/05/14 | Lucy Warner
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Best toy Ever

In little Georgies eye (my kitten) this is the best toy ever for him, i got it out of the box and I wasn't expecting it to be as small as it was, its not tiny but its not that big either, he adores this toy he wakes my husband and i up in the middle of the night playing with it. George did manage to snap the elastic off, between the mouse and wand, but just double knot it, and he cant tell the difference, because soon as i had fixed it he was off again, plus you can poke feathery toys through the little cheese holes and they will never get bored of this.
19/10/13 | Natalie
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Kittens Love It

I bought this for my kittens and also thought it would go well in the kitchen which it does, the mouse on the pole did come away from the cheese immediately, but now I have a dangler toy and the cheese toy, so in my books a bargain :-)
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Our Kittens favourate toy

Both out kittens play with the cheese corner from time to time but our big kitten loves the mouse on the stick. Wherever he is, 'airmiles mouse' isn't far behind. Perfect size for throwing and playing fetch with. It's so important to him we've got him a replacement for when this one finally give up the fight. If your kitty goes mental for small mice, this may be the toy for them.

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