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Ordering a second one.

Its cheaply made but still going months later. My cat is OBSESSED with the mouse on the rod. It has to be hidden at night or she drags it around the house for hours. I'm getting another one for when it inevitably falls apart
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The mouse is the best bit

Our female cat absolutely loves the mouse on the string/stick, but is not interested in the cheese corner. Is it possible to just buy the mouse on its own? She adores it & will bring the mouse to us to throw & dangle. I think she loves it so much because it is very lightweight & she can carry it in mouth easily & the bell adds an extra element when she is playing on her own. We have already bought 3/4 of these because she loves them so much, but they sometimes don’t last very long.
11/09/17 | Sasha
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He Loves It!!

Bought this for my 6 month old kitten. It took him a little time to figure it out but he really loves to play with it now. Very well made.
19/10/13 | Natalie
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Kittens Love It

I bought this for my kittens and also thought it would go well in the kitchen which it does, the mouse on the pole did come away from the cheese immediately, but now I have a dangler toy and the cheese toy, so in my books a bargain :-)

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