05/15/21 | Grainne

Cat prefers playing with the mouse when it is switched off

This does not move as smoothly as I hoped. Cat will occasionally chase ot when switched on but much prefers when it is switched off to play with the mouse and make it move himself.

Don’t buy

It’s very loud, cats are afraid of it and it’s not working properly - the movement is only working 1/5 times. Even without turning it on, the cats show no interest in the mouse. Usually every toy is very interesting so no idea why this is not accepted.

Totally useless

This thing just rolls around any which way and the rope is constantly getting caught up in things. Just watching it makes me annoyed.
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03/31/20 | Michelle

Does exactly what it says it will

Great product, it makes it's way ALL over the house, where most toys like this just roll around in a small pattern. My cat just likes to follow it around the house watching it get stuck in corners, but that's just typical for him

Motor too loud

The motor is too loud and bumps into furniture making it extra loud. Cats scared by sound.
05/01/19 | Christine

Great for my blind kitty

My rescue kitty was born with feline herpes and the disease attacked her sinus passages. Sweet little baby girl lost both her eyes and now has constant congestion, so her sense of smell keeps her from smelling cat nip. As you can imagine, it is very hard finding her toys but this ball is great. I attached a bell so that she has an easier time tracking it and she loves it.
02/21/19 | Gabriella

My cat doesn't know what to make of it

It is quite loud and large discourages my cat to chase the toy. He is watching and following it around but seems unsure whether it is safe to touch the mouse. Maybe a longer line for the toy madethe cats bolder. The ball finds its way really well, almost never gets stuck under or behind furniture and moves well on carpet and hard floor alike.

Scared my cats

This is an easy to assemble toy. The instructions regarding the battery were not clear. It said A4 so we ordered this battery type especially. Turns out it actuallly takes AA batteries. The boys like it when the motor is off but it terrifyd them when turned on.
05/03/15 | Elaine

Noisy.. Cats interested but also a little scared

I have two nervous chaps and they were a little scared of this. It's a bit noisy but it travels all over the place. Maybe would work better with a more confident kitty
03/02/14 | Infogirl875

Works fine, but only holds cats' attention for a bit

The products does what it says on the tin. It is a bit noisy, so if you have a nervous cat it might not be ideal. My two are fascinated by it, but only for about five minutes.
05/15/13 | elena

Moderate enthusiasm!

This ball keeps busy my cat for a long time, but instead playing directly, he will keep an eye on and follows it. The motor allows the ball to overcome small obstacles (thick rugs or wires). The toy is sturdy (just did a flight of stairs and it's simply unscrewed the ball in the middle, fully functional!). Requires one AA battery.

Fantastic product!

If you have a confident cat, they will love this toy! It is a bit noisy but my Tom loves it, and tries to 'bunny-kick' the poor mouse to death until it moves away again... all in all good toy for the money!
09/26/11 | Nick G

Not bad, but not great.

Took a couple of tries to get this working as the battery connectors are not completely flush, but once going it operates fine. The main problem is that the motor is quite noisy, so our 2 cats aren't quite sure what to make of it. They follow it everywhere it goes - and it does move quite a long way, rolling itself in and out of corners - but won't quite chase it or dare to pounce on it. However, it does certainly keep them occupied. If your cats don't mind chasing noisy things, it might be the greatest toy ever, but if they hate them, it would be terrible as they'd be hiding from it the whole time! Anyway, it's a 3 star for us - buy it or not depending on your cat's noise tolerance.
08/23/11 | Deb

Works much better on hard floors!

We first put this down in a carpeted room and it just juddered about a bit. I wasn't impressed and my kitten was only vaguely interested. Next day I just happened to put it on in the hall, where we have a wooden floor, and it was vastly better!! Moved around much faster and much further. 5 month kitten doesn't know what to make of it but is interested and stalks it. I leave it on for 2 or 3 mins each time and it intrigues her. It is quite noisy but fun for her and quite amusing for me too! :)

Confused cat

My cat doesn't quite know what to make of this. She jumps back when it comes towards her, but follows it when it moves away. It does keep her interested for hours though. The only drawback is that the on/off switch started to play up, on investigation I found that part of the switch had broken off. As I have opened it I am not claiming the warranty, but I am buying her another one.
08/06/10 | NGS

great little toy

Our cat loves this thing and for the price paid, it's an absolute bargain. he usually loses interest in toys very quickly but this has maintained its appeal for some weeks now
07/22/10 | Inga Priedniece

Not impressed

Such a shame that I didn’t get this ball at sales price; it’s certainly not worth almost £7. We weren’t so impressed with this ball. Our kitty usually doesn’t like plastic toys. But because of two impressive reviews, I decided to give it a try. I hoped also that it will give our kitty some exercise. We weren’t that lucky or happy with the purchase. Ball is moving around at slow speed. When it bumps into something it doesn’t roll off immediately, but spins slowly around itself and just then it goes off. Our kitty was not impressed with it. He was observing it when it moved around, tried to approach it, but then got scared. It could be designed smaller, lighter and speedier.
06/18/10 | V.Cusack

An Awesome Toy!

I can not describe what a good toy this is. This ball rolls around the house on its own, dragging a little mouse behind it. When it bumps into something it immediately goes in a different direction, and even manages to get out of confined spaces on its own. This makes it a pleasure for the cat owner, who can just turn it on, set it down and go off and do whatever, while the cat is occupied. I have a very inqusitive male cat who is easily bored, and he plays with this ball literally for as long as I am willing to leave it on. Not only does it occupy him, sometimes I have to shut it off it off because he gets OVER stimulated and won't stop following it! He doesn't chase the mouse, he actually interacts with the ball, hiding on it, guarding it, and trying to anticipate where it will go. It rolls just fast enough to keep your cat's attention, and has quirky little movements that will fascinate him or her. It truely is an interactive toy, and I don't see how any cat could ignore it.
06/15/10 | Softpaws

Martha Bengal loves it

This is great fun as a stand in for person play for an ever playful cat.Our Bengal Martha is fascinated. It moves freely in shaky jerks and rolls around at will. An AA battery works fine.

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