05/01/19 | Christine

Great for my blind kitty

My rescue kitty was born with feline herpes and the disease attacked her sinus passages. Sweet little baby girl lost both her eyes and now has constant congestion, so her sense of smell keeps her from smelling cat nip. As you can imagine, it is very hard finding her toys but this ball is great. I attached a bell so that she has an easier time tracking it and she loves it.

08/23/11 | Deb

Works much better on hard floors!

We first put this down in a carpeted room and it just juddered about a bit. I wasn't impressed and my kitten was only vaguely interested. Next day I just happened to put it on in the hall, where we have a wooden floor, and it was vastly better!! Moved around much faster and much further. 5 month kitten doesn't know what to make of it but is interested and stalks it. I leave it on for 2 or 3 mins each time and it intrigues her. It is quite noisy but fun for her and quite amusing for me too! :)


Confused cat

My cat doesn't quite know what to make of this. She jumps back when it comes towards her, but follows it when it moves away. It does keep her interested for hours though. The only drawback is that the on/off switch started to play up, on investigation I found that part of the switch had broken off. As I have opened it I am not claiming the warranty, but I am buying her another one.