12/31/17 | Mrs Wright

Kittens love them!

Both my kittens absolutely love them, especially the chicken one, it’s juicy, looks and smells great! Not sure if it needs rice but very few grains and easy to pick out


great treats

I bought some of these as two of my three cats have a sensitivity diet but always look longingly at the ham coming out of the fridge - which they cant have. This cured the problem, a tasty snack, which i keep in the fridge so they think they are having a special treat. It works and they gobble them up, the chicken is the favourite. Thank goodness for Almo food !

09/02/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

He polishes the bowl

With relish and delight. He especially loves the salmon


A must for gourmets

My Miez is quite picky, but she loves this snack more than any other.

11/15/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

Healthy and tasty chewing fun!!!

My two cats love to eat, and I'm very happy that I've found this grains-free snack which is very healthy!!! =)

04/27/13 | Izabela Grzesiak

The best treat ever!

Highly recommended! My cats love it!

09/07/12 | Brenda Baldwin

Tiny treat but Life-Saver

My elderly cat has kidney failure so is losing weight and MUST eat at all costs. On a bad day he will happily gobble up one or two of these little treats! This is enough to get his appetite going again so I keep a big supply! It's a great thing to fall back on.

09/07/12 | Brenda baldwin

Tiny treat but life-saver!

My elderly cat is in kidney failure and MUST eat at all costs. When he's having a bad day he will gobble up one or two of these little snacks which stimulates his appetite to eat again. I keep a big supply!

07/05/12 | Y.W

My cat love it!

I bought the salmon one.. My cat love it soooo much!!