18/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Favourite game

This treat is part of our daily playing ritual with our cat! When the weather is nice, our cat chases down the Rollies like a madman, and when the weather is bad we can play inside too. You just have to forget about the cheesy smell. We're still not used to it after several years :-)
16/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Cheesy goodness

These Cheese Rollies make any feeding games twice as fun. These work just as well in activity boards as they do as thrown treats. These things are on the money, and my two boys come running around the corner like Usain Bolt to get some. Definitely recommended.
22/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Very popular

The Cheese Rollies are very well liked by our 3 cats. They really seem to like the taste and they don't leave a single crumb
10/06/14 | Helene Atterbury
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crazy cats

I have 2 cats who just go crazy for these cheese rolls. I have make sure I always have a supply to treat them. I only have to pop the lid on the box (I bought the jar 1st and find it cheaper to top up the jar with a box or 2) or jar lid and they appear out of now-where. If I silently ease the top off they still seem to smell the cheese and are there! I also use these treats as a reward whenever I have give my cats medication. They now allow me treat them as good as gold in anticipation of the treat to come.
30/05/14 | Martine Lally
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cheese ball nutters

i have purchased these for a few years for my cats (800 ball Jars)...who are cheesey gimpets mad....they hound me after they have had them for more so have to drag it out through the day....was very disappointed to see you have stopped doing the 800 ball jars....plz plz plz start doing them again or refil bags cos they are great value for money
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My two cats like it

Very strong cheese smell when you first open the box ;) Other than that, this is a great product which represents excellent value for money. I really like that the size of these treats means they have to be chewed thoroughly and not just swallowed...
14/04/14 | Shelagh Webber
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Cat owner of several years

Together with the Verm-x cat crunchies which I have reviewed-also were the cheese rollies I primarily got them for Kosey as he appears to like cheese and when we go to the fridge cries for it. Like other reviewers I was surprised at how large the rollies are needless to say Kosey along with brothers liked them.
02/08/12 | Marianne
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A Great Snack

I have 3 cats and they are forever wanting to be fed or have treats. Molly (Persian) is very fussy about her treats and food too BUT loves these ones. So if they pass her strict quality control - they are the business! Will buy again without a doubt.
01/03/12 | Clare
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Great for dogs too!

I use these as clicker training treats for my dogs. They LOVE them and as they are very smelly but dry and easy to handle, they are easy to use. My 5 cats love them, too.
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Yummy cheesie treats!

My cat Turbo loves these treats, they smell so delicious & cheesie. He is very determined to get as many of these treats as possible! Most treats I feed Turbo are swallowed whole with out chewing so the fact that he does have to chew these is good. He is 15 years old & has no problems eating these treats.
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Very good treats

Had to get the big glass jar because my cats love these soo much. And I like the glass jar also, it is very nice. And these are very good shaped for their treat ball also.
14/03/11 | Kirsty Nicholson
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Just tried these - must get more..!!

I have just received my first order of these - 30 minutes ago and my cat is going mad for them - I've had to hide the tub as she wouldn't stop pestering for more..!! Brilliant product at a brilliant price - will definitely be getting a larger batch next time :)
14/02/11 | Janie
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Good but hard

My cats love these, but I'm noticing these are harder for them to chew. Do not recommend if someone has kittens or older cats.
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all my cats love these, and they do smell very cheesy, much healther than normal cheese! i will by the bigger jar next time as well.
29/11/10 | Helen
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My Cat Goes WIld For These

They smell extremely cheesy and my cat loves them! I will definately buy the large jar next time. The guidelines are written in German but I think it says you can only feed a maximum of 10 a day, so be mindful of that.
24/11/10 | Charlotte
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Not for all tastes

Our Moggie (and the dog) love them but our fussy Bengal won't go near them. Also they smell very stong and you end up with cheese smelling fingers! Can't will them all.
03/09/10 | Iain Kinmond
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Sorry my Bengal does not like them

bought them on the basis of another reviewer who has a Bengal that loves them. They are now being used as rewards at dog training for our Standard Poodle.
23/06/10 | Jennifer
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So happy to find these again

When I got my bengal kitten seven years ago, we found a small container of these cheese rollies in the local pet shop. My boy was absolutely crazy about them! But the shop didn't restock them and since then we have been looking for them in every pet shop we visit. We tried other 'cheese' flavoured treats, but none compare to Gimpet's. I just gave a couple to my boy and he still loves them every bit as much as he did as a kitten. Next time I will be ordering the big glass jar.
12/06/10 | Holly Miles
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Can't resist!!

My cat loves these! I can understand.....cheese is sooooooooo good, and why wouldn't my cat feel the same?
04/06/10 | Taflyn
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Better than catnip!

My 3mth old kitten goes absolutely nuts for these little cheese nibbles - he becomes almost frenzied when I open the container, looking around frantically for the treat! Sure, they really have a strong smell to them, but it's so worth it to see my little man enjoy them so much.