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Love it!

I have to pill one of my cats every morning. As soon as I have done it, I give her a small serving of this yogurt, so she knows there is something nice to follow the pilling. It works like a charm!
03/05/15 | SJDE
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Wonderful product

I tried this with my elderly Maine Coon female when she wasn't eating enough. She loves it. She doesn't have very much at a time, but she then eats her normal food so it seems to stimulate her appetite. She now expects this every evening and tells me when it is late! I have found the last couple of batches to be a little thicker than the first ones I bought, so I do have to thin it down with a small drop of milk. This amount is not enough to upset her tummy.
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Great for snacks/dessert

My 9 month old ragdoll loves this but the daily allowance is 1/10 of a pouch, I emailed Gimpet to ask how long it stays fresh for and it's 3-7 days before it turns, so unless you have more than one cat, you will be wasting some of this :( Great carton though, easy to store and keep fresh.
22/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Excellent treat

My 3 cats love it, especially the 2 females. The packaging is very practical and the resealing mechanism is very useful.
27/07/13 | vicky
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Cats love it

My cat loves this, I keep it in the fridge in this hot weather and both of my boys really enjoy lapping up the cool yoghurt. Definitely would recommend!
04/03/13 | vk2177
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My cat loves it

Bought one of there for my cats just to see if they like it - and they absolutely loved it and ask for more! Will be coming back to order. The product design is good - it stores well as it can stand upright and screw top is convenient to use to keep it fresh.