12/31/20 | Stella & Theo

It does what it says

My cats love it! It's great for all type of breeds. They love the taste and it does the job!
09/08/20 | Ana

Excellent product

My cat love this. She loves the flavour and if I skip a day without giving it to her she makes sure she annoys me enough until I finally understand what's missing :) Furthermore, she always had a lot of problems with hairballs and this completely improved her problem. Once the paste was finished and I was waiting on a new one, she immediately started having hairballs after 4 days of no use. It is really an amazing product
06/10/20 | Jessica

They love it

Having two persians this paste is a must have for them. When I stop giving to them I see them throwing up hairballs, but thank goodness the regular use of this paste made them stop. Plus, they love the flavor!
10/14/19 | Minerva

Serious question

My cats malt paste turned liquid and I still fed him that. Does malt paste go bad? I’m really worried.
06/22/19 | Matt

Cat loves it

My 7 year old tortoiseshell female loves this. It has drastically reduced her puking and hairballs to almost nothing. It was a bit difficult feeding her the first few times because she was a bit wary of the tube, but she got the hang of it quickly.
12/19/18 | Sharon

Good stuff

My cat was suffering bad being sick and choking on furballs, i bought this and at fist she wasn't having it until i put it on the front of her paws for a few days and she brought up a fur ball. I use it regularly and she's not sick now and it really works with fur balls. I highly recommend and great at the price.
03/07/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very popular

My little rascal could finish the whole tube, and he leaves my fingers a little raw when I feed him ;-) He loves it. I only order the big tube now.
11/16/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

The best way to guarantee bitten fingers

A 5cm long strip once a day...Try telling a greedy cat he only needs 5cm a day. I still haven't managed it and my two cats regularly gnaw on my fingers. No hairballs or vomit either...What more could you want? :) I highly recommend the Gimpet Malt Paste (especially the sugarfree one),- one of my cats is half longhair so malt is a must.

My cat loves malt as much as I do

I was skeptic at first, but my cat likes it and seems to be doing better with it.
06/28/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Transition successful

I had the predecessor of this paste, and with only one cat, the big tube seemed to last forever. So it was perfect for me when the new malt paste only came in the smaller tubes. My little one loved the new one. I think she might even prefer it to the old one: she asks for seconds and thirds, which she only used to do when the tube was fresh with the old one!!! Fantastic!!! Kind regards, Linda Koch
05/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Love at second sight

At first my cats were a bit lost with this paste, so I put a little bit on my finger and tapped their noses and snouts. That was the first spark :-))) Once licked, they were hooked. And that proved to be final. My cats love this paste. I use it when transitioning between foods and put a little bit on their wet food. Wham-bam and the bowl is empty :-))) My cats are fit, adventurous, and have a glowing coat. That's how it should be.

It's addictive

My cat loves this paste, she can't seem to get enough of it. I only have to rustle the box and there she is, sat in front of me.
10/21/13 | Flaco


I'm not absolutely sure if it clears the furball problem for us or not, but she loves it as a daily treat and it's certainly not doing her any harm. We've taken various measures to address the GI problems (lactulose and special food), and use this as part of the regimen.
04/30/13 | elena


My cat does not particularly like the taste of this pasta malt, so I offer it to him in small doses directly from the tube, a couple of times a day! Until now (the kitten is 4 months old) no resurgence of fur! I am satisfied!


I have 3 cats and they all love this product. Two of them like Femalt but go crazy for this product. The third one wouldn't touch Femalt no matter how hard I tried but she loves Gimpet paste! :D

Taking tablets

My cat is terrible at taking tablets (fights with claws!) as a last resort I crushed the tablet and added it into the malt paste, smeared it on his paw and bingo - licks it off in no time - no more shredded hands!

Quickly licked away

All my three cats just loved this. So as an extra treat absolutely recommended!
11/21/10 | Lieane

My cats eat straight from the tube!

They both love it so much that when they see me getting it out they sit and wait their turn for eating straight from the tube! I end up feeling guilty when I put the lid back on and away until the next time for treats!
06/21/10 | Wendy G.


I have a Persian cat who really suffered with fur balls and constipation. I had tried everything on the market for him without success. I trawled the internet in desperation and found Gimpet Malt - have been using this for several years now and my cat has not had a fur ball since I started using it !!!!!! Cannot recommend this highly enough - used daily it works - and my cat LOVES it !!
04/21/10 | Rosanne

Great Stuff

My cat was regularly being sick with hairballs. Our vet recommended Katalax, however Gimpet is just as good and about 1/4 of the price. We are just about to finish our first tube of Gimpet and, with a small amount each day, our cat has not been sick at all.

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