15/03/18 | Lucy
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Very good treats but..

These treats are fantastic, all my cats love them and its great that they are just chicken, nothing else added but I have found that you end up with lots of powder in the bottom, which I usually just pour over their food but I would prefer to be able to serve the entire tube properly. I've recently moved over to Orijen treats and the cats also adore them just as much, they seem a bit pricier than thrive on the surface but since you can use the entire packet, I think it works out similarly.
13/03/18 | Allan Thomas
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Patent pending

Our cats have always loved these chicken treats, I have a tip for other owners as well. I used a small drill bit (by hand) to put a hole in the larger bits of thrive. These make worming pills go down with no fuss. Just have to make sure they don’t spit them out, but I’ve never had it so easy to get a pill into a cat! Cheers Thrive!!
09/10/17 | Miss Sandra Bennett
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My Cats Love These!

My current cat, Molly, loves these more than any other treat, and my previous 2 cats, who sadly are no longer with me (they where both 19 years old), also went crazy for these treats. 100% dried chicken with no other added rubbish! This larger tub is better value than the smaller tubes and I make mine last the month, so just about affordable. Based on a yearly consumption, if buying one tub a month, it works out as £3.92 per week, or 56p per day. I break up the larger chunks as well.
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Yummy, but...

These treats are super expensive. I mean it's chicken, not gold. On the plus side all kitties love this snack, but for the price, far too much of the product pulverizes into a fine powder that you can't really serve. Maybe it's just the maxi tube that kind of squashes some of the product into a fine powder, so maybe just stick with the smaller tubes.
29/03/17 | Bev Rolfe
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My cat, Polly, is absolutely hooked on these but I do'nt mind because they are pure dried chicken with no chemicals, flavor enhancers etc., which I do not believe are good for cats. I dare not run out as she will sulk until more are available!
05/02/17 | Suzanna
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Millie is a Thrive addict!

Although these are sold as 'treats' because they are 100% natural dried chicken, I allow myself to indulge Millie often. She would turn cartwheels for one! Very low calorie and fat. Expensive but worth every penny!
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The only treats my cat will eat!

My cat absolutely loves these and won't touch any other type of treats!
05/02/17 | Simone Weeks
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Kitty Crack

Wonderful stuff for cat wrangling. They all love this stuff, but one plans her days around treat times. My poor little addict could live off this. (If I wasn't so mean) She can wander off nonchalently with a whole tub in her face
13/01/17 | Grant Smith
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Crack cocaine for cats

My cats are addicted!!
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The best!

My Siberian kittens go crazy for these - way beyond the equivalent Cosma chicken treats which they certainly liked. They don't get this excited about anything else I've tried. I just have to be quick getting my fingers out of the way! Pricey but brilliant.
27/08/16 | Zoe
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Pricey but worth it

The creme de la creme of cat treats, my cat goes crazy for them.
13/05/16 | Jody
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Kitty Heaven

I have to brother moggies - and what can I say about Thrive Cat Treats - well we call them kittycrack - enough said !
20/03/16 | Mrsjackbauer
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Number 1 Treat

These are the only treats I will feed my cats being real freeze dried meat and not covered in nasty flavour enhancers. My cats love these, know which jar they're kept in and will sit by it waiting for a treat - whether they deserve one or not :).
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yummy treats

these are the only treats my vet approves of and both our cats never tire of them
21/08/15 | Patricia
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Extremely popular!

One of my cats has a dodgy tummy, so he can't eat any normal treats, but he gets jealous if the other cats have something when he can't. He loves these treats - he meows and squeaks and gets so excited when he knows it's 'that time of day' (just before his dinner). Strangely, he doesn't actually like chicken, but he'll eat as many of the Thrive chicken bits as I'll give him. Expensive, but I know they won't upset his stomach and they make him happy so, obviously, it's worth it!
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cat purrs

my cat purrs when I am giving him these. he is not normally a purring cat.
16/03/15 | Auntyswoo
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Freeze dried Chicken 'Little Gems' for cats

When I want to tempt my 'monster' she will eat everything in the bowl with these treats, scrunch them up so their crumbly and everyone is happy. Can't live without these little gems makes life a little easier, you don't throw so much wasted food away
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Very picky cats - love them

I have an extremely picky cat and an extremely unpicky cat. They both absolutely love these treats. I've been looking for ages to find something that my picky cat could have as a treat. She does tricks for them and all. Expensive, but well worth it since my cat will not even consider any other treats!
18/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Tasty, tasty

Our 2 ragdolls absolutely love these treats. They can't get enough of them and would eat the whole tube if the could. I would definitely recommend this wonderful product!!!
14/08/14 | Tracy
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Healthy treats

My 2 cats love these (chicken mainly) they are quite expensive but I'd rather give them these than some of the other high calorie treats