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Great treats but recent deterioration in quality

Tuna variety Thrive treats (closely followed by the chicken) are my cat’s absolute favourite - she turns her nose up at most other similar products and gobbles these down as fast as she can. However, the most recent tuna tubes I’ve bought have not been as good quality & inedible - they’re hard, irregular shaped & not as recognisable as decent pieces of protein as they used to be.
15/01/19 | Gill
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Fantastic, protein and no additives

Excellent, my kittens learned very quickly to come indoors when I rattled the tube. Now they know when I pick it up!
06/01/19 | Olive Burke
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The Cats love it

good quality product and both my Siamese cats love 'pawing' their way through the different board parts to get some extra food treats.
31/10/18 | Jc
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I always renew my order with these but my kitty only likes the white fish ones ... please stock them again!
15/10/18 | Nick Hill
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I feed my kitten these & also the Chicken Liver variety. The Chicken liver ones are a better size & she likes the taste better. These chicken flavour are great quality, but an inconsistent size. I break up some of the larger pieces for her.
22/09/18 | Sarah
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Kittens love them. So worth it!

My kittens LOVE these. I bought them as a one-off in the supermarket for £3 a pack. I'm so glad Zooplus does this saver pack - great value. My cats Yes, they're a little expensive but it's worth it for 100% meat. Some of the pieces are large so I do need to break them up. These can cause some flakes of chicken to fall on the floor. There's also a fair bit of chicken "dust" in the bottom of the container. I just sprinkle this on their food. Expensive but so so worth it!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Cats love these

Got the chicken flavour as a gift with loyalty points and both cats went mad for them, even the fussy one who usually takes her time with new things couldn't eat them fast enough!
17/05/18 | SK
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All cats are different, they won't 100% eat everything. My cat for one absolutely adores these, any flavour. In fact he likes all thrive products (except the samon dry food lol) He drools and gobbles these up, again, all cats are different.
23/03/18 | Margaret Taylor
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Stupid cat

Disappointed with my cat's reaction. He will retrieve treats from the zigzag and wave areas but only made one attempt to get food from the bells and didn't like the experience. The thought using his tongue to get treats out did not occur to him. Have tried to encourage him but he is not interested in making the effort.
08/03/18 | Rachel
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Cats just love these

We’ve tried all flavours and our cats love them so much they come running as soon as they hear the sound of the lid popping open! The white fish and the chicken do seem special favourites but all are very good.
10/01/18 | Lisa
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Bit too clever for his own good

Stan was trained on homemade activity boards with sunken yoghurt pots & stacked toilet roll tubes. He likes his food & quickly got the hang of them so was progressed onto this. Thought he might struggle as he's not exactly dainty but BOOM!! Was straight in on all the challenges, no problems at all. Funny as he's not into regular cat toys, but this was like watching a master at work. Does slow him down enough for our other furrball to enjoy his food in peace.
06/12/17 | Cathy
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Excellent concept

I love the concept of this. However my two kittens are just not interested. They sniff and move on no matter what tempting treats I use. Hoping when they get older it will be more useful
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

play tray

it took some time for my cat to figure it out , but now can get the food out of the plastic balls etc which has slowed her eating down
14/10/17 | Sally
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😻😻😻😻 cats approval

All of my 4 cats love this the bowls are a bit of a challenge for them but they watch each other and learn how to get them out, good team work 😹
28/08/17 | C. Owen
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better than Dreamies!

Our cat will do almost anything for a thrive and loves them more than Dreamies!
31/05/17 | Sophie
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Jackpot treat

My cat adores these. She knows the 'shake hands for a treat' trick and the moment these comes out, she's reaching for my hand to shake because she knows treats come after that. Chicken liver is her very favourite. I appreciate the fact that they're very wholesome and healthy - which is good, because a couple of times she's run off with the tube to open it behind the sofa and scoff the lot.
16/04/17 | Shar G
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It improves cognitive function and dexterity. One can keep an eye on elderly cats in declining health by simply observing how they use this feeder. In fact, my cats are all rather obsessed with it, they prefer to have their biscuits hidden in and around the board as opposed to thrown into their bowls. Also, and just as important, is that the cats have to work for their food and are less likely to gobble the lot up in seconds, thus resulting in far less vomiting afterwards. Brilliant!
12/03/17 | Beth Parker
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Excellent treats, all 3 Somalis go crazy for these!

These are the best treats on the market, being healthy and nutritious too - 100% pure chicken. They are formed lumps of freeze dried chicken breast - which can also be crumbled between your fingers to use a topping for cat food. Also very good for retrieving your cat if he /she won't come home - simply shake the tube - and they will come running excitedly at the sound! Only problem is that they are a bit expensive, but if you buy the 5 pack, it saves on the costs.
18/02/17 | Karen Barclay
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Loved and adored

Both my cats love these treats. I sprinkle a cube onto their regular tired food - it always tempts them to their dishes. It is expensive but it must be delicious because my cats never tire of the taste.
08/02/17 | Layla
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Cats love this

Challenging for almost any cat, keeps them amused

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