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Great treats but recent deterioration in quality

Tuna variety Thrive treats (closely followed by the chicken) are my cat’s absolute favourite - she turns her nose up at most other similar products and gobbles these down as fast as she can. However, the most recent tuna tubes I’ve bought have not been as good quality & inedible - they’re hard, irregular shaped & not as recognisable as decent pieces of protein as they used to be.
23/03/18 | Margaret Taylor
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Stupid cat

Disappointed with my cat's reaction. He will retrieve treats from the zigzag and wave areas but only made one attempt to get food from the bells and didn't like the experience. The thought using his tongue to get treats out did not occur to him. Have tried to encourage him but he is not interested in making the effort.
06/12/17 | Cathy
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Excellent concept

I love the concept of this. However my two kittens are just not interested. They sniff and move on no matter what tempting treats I use. Hoping when they get older it will be more useful

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