12/01/18 | lynda hillman

Cats went crazy for these

I have never seen my cats go for anything like these.My cats eat most treats and sticks but they are the most popular yet

10/07/18 | Shar G

My cats no nuts for these!

Can;t say no more. 5* from my felines.

09/04/18 | Anita

fussy cat love it

My 10 years old Syberian cat is much more fussy for any treats but this one she loves it :)

02/06/17 | Haya

My cat favorite treat

My cat loves this treat so much its so soft but there's not much it's ran out quickly

09/02/16 | hannah

paws up

My two cats love these treats they are chunky and soft.

06/30/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Popular with my cats!

These treats are a firm favourite amongst my cats. They are very smelly, but also lovely and soft and are gone in an instant!

05/03/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very good

Our cat loves these treats. I also think that they're a good buy because the ingredients are very solid. I especially like that there's no sugar. I'm always happy to buy them again.

04/27/15 | Lucky


These are great! My cat does that exciteable double purr when getting these! We have tried the Cheese and the Liver and both have gone down well. Plus high meat content and sugar free is a massive plus!! I can't work out tho if these are grain free? If so..then they would be even more fantastic. Both cats enjoyed and I can easily hide tablets in them if I wanted too. My elderly nearly toothless cat can get his gums round these. They are quite big but extreamly soft. I hope Zooplus get the Salmon variety in too. :)

03/24/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Finally the perfect treat

I have tried well over 20 types of treats for my cat, but nothing really hit the sweet spot. The closest we came were sticks, so I looked especially for soft treats and found the Cat Yums. I decided to give them a go...and they were a massive hit! Cheese and liverwurst are his favourite. I finally have the perfect partner for clicker training and all the other smart stuff he does. 5 stars!

03/18/15 | Rebecca

Great for giving pills and cats love them

Our cats go nuts over Yums! It seems for a treat to have decent ingredients but the best thing is they are soft treats which if you tear them apart you can hide portions of cat pills in them and then mould the treat back into a ball shape for easy pilling! Two of our rescue cats are fine with pills but our newest rescued family member wasn't treated nicely by her last owners so she gets very upset at being pilled. We were getting better with her, still needing two of us, but then my hubby broke his arm and I can't give Miss Lucy-Fur her painkiller for her hips on my own. So I put the pill in a Yums twice a day and bingo! She eats it with no problem whatsoever! I buy these for a friend who also has a rescue cat who won't take to being pilled either and she said the same thing, no problem getting a small pill or portion thereof down her cat. They are so super tasty they seem to disguise the taste of the pills even temgesic (buprenorphine) which I know after having it myself tastes awful. Our cats never seen to get bored of Yums either. The only problem is they want them all the time so we go through a packet quickly!

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