12/24/18 | Dan Croker

The smell from Hell

My two maine coons like the food but the smell thats being leaked out by them every now and then is probably on the list of banned chemical agents. Will see if this settles down or if my nose is burnt off.

08/30/18 | Mary

Bad batch?

The latest batch of this food dated Dec 19 has a different size and texture yet same ingredients? Cats dont seem to like it as much and now stuck with 3 bags of it. Also makes cleanup messy as the food is covered in lose dusty particles.

08/30/18 | Dt

Bad batch?

Batch with best before Dec 19 is different than previous bags. The food is smaller, less smooth texture with ALOT of little bits coating it. Ingredients on bag are the same dont see how thats possible. Cats dont seem to like it as much as they're leaving some behind. Would not risk buying this again now as not consistent.

08/13/18 | Alvis

Proportion of ingredients changed?

UPADATE: Has the ratio of solid pieces to gravy recently been changed? The number of solid pieces is definitely reduced in the latest batch received compared to past orders. The packet weight remains the same so can only surmise that the amount of gravy has been increased? Half the rescue cats still eat the stuff whilst the other half vary with their indifference, one feral fuss-pot likes to lick the gravy off leaving the solid pieces - so she is probably happy with recent changes!

01/31/18 | Louise roy


Brought this as a change from their usual royal canine maine coon kibble. Once opened all 6 cats loved it however one developed an allergy and with in 3 days was at the vets having to have antibiotics and steriod injection. After 2 weeks his fur on his face and back is finally growing back so unable to buy this again.

01/30/17 | Abi

On The Fence

This food is fab - my cat and kitten's coats are so soft and shiny since swapping to this food. My cat is prone to weight gain but has also been maintaining a healthy weight since the swap. However, he isn't massively keen on it and will go for the kitten version over this one. He is a very fussy eater though

11/08/15 | Nicki Bamber

Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult

All 4 of our Maine Coons liked it but the kibble is not much bigger than the RC MC kitten food so none of them chewed it, very dissapointed.

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