22/02/21 | Ana Rusu
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My 2y old cat is on this food since December at vet recommendation. He LOVED it until I bought a 5kg bag from you guys. I am not sure what the problem is, but the second he smells it, he turns away unhappy and choses to starve but not eat. It feels like the kibbles were exposed to humidity or smth. So, I bought the exact same food from local vet and voila....he eats it like crazy. I tried to mix the 2 bags, but he wouldn't eat it mixed. Unfortunately it was a complete waste of money for me!
02/08/18 | KatyKastle
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Lovely Silky Coat

The Hills ID was recommended by our Vet and luckily my cat loves the food and in fact prefers it to other mainstream brands. She looks good on it and maintains a healthy weight.
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Soft poo.

I bought this food as my vet recommended for Birman cats who as a breed have sensitive digestion problems. But still his poo is soft. Not as it should be when fed a digestive care cat food. Product obviously not as good as claimed.
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Great product

Great product for cats with digestive problems. Best price I've found and prompt delivery.
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beware of recipe changes now!

I have been feeding this product (dried version) to my 2 cats for around 4 years this time (previously on Purina HA). They both have IBD issues but had been doing well on this food - until recently! I had ordered 2 bags here at a good price but then discovered Hills had changed the recipe and made additions I later found out. Sadly this cost me trips to my vets and 1 cat had terrible runny stools, things now settled 6 weeks on but be careful to introduce to cats v slowly & observe with vet.
10/10/17 | Jean backhouse
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I have never used your website before and wanted to ask a few questions. A gentleman answered me and was extremely helpful,so I placed an order. I was delighted to receive it very quickly. I will definitely order again. Thank you.
14/07/17 | Suzanne Hepworth
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Our vet prescribed this food for our cat who vomited most days the food worked wonders he stopped vomiting straight away . Would highly recommend .
20/06/17 | Sonja Davies
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Really works!

My 15yr old female has suffered with chronic inflammatory bowel disease for years, and, at last she's back to normal!
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My two absolutely love it!

When the vet prescribed this I was afraid my cats wouldn't eat it after years of their favourite Royal Canin dry food, but happily they like it even better!
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I have a little boy at home with a sensitive tummy/suspected food intolerances. The vet ran tests which came back normal. I sighed in frustration when they suggested changing his food (he was already on another top brand & had been for some time before the issue started). I take it back...this food cleared the issue quickly & has helped him maintain his health for 1 year. His sister eats it too & vet has said it's perfectly balanced for both long-term.
07/02/17 | Monica
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Purrfect food

We have 4 cats, 2 adults and 2 kittens. This food is perfect for all four. I asked our vet if it was ok to feed them all on it, and he said yes. It gentle on their tummies and gives all the nutrients they need.
05/02/17 | Heather
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Life saver

Our 12yr old cat was being sick multiple times a day, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her, so they recommended we try this food - within a day of changing to this she'd stopped being sick and is back to her perky old self!
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Fantastic food

We have used this food for many years in our cattery for when one of our boarders have an upset tummy. For the majority of cats it works extremely well within a couple of days.
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Excellent product

Have a young tonkinese that often has upset stomach. A solid diet of ID seems to have really helped.
31/10/16 | mrs dunbar
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cat swap

couple of years ago one of my cats had just been diagnosed with diabetes so started off on this til he got a lot better and started putting on weight ( too much and now hes on the Hills r/d diet) my other cat who is a very fussy eater used to steal this and now she has this once day with wet food in the evening and she has put on weight from being a skinny cat. Love it and all the Hills diets
26/09/16 | Sanna Nilsson
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Just wow!

My cat kept throwing up her food and her fur was dry and matted. After being recommended this by the vet, she got more energetic, her fur is silky soft and she rarely throws up anymore! Brilliant! Very price worthy too, in Sweden a 5 kg bag costs around 50£.
31/12/15 | jackie hill
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Thank god for this food

my 13 year old cat was being sick constantly we had only had her 2 months, took her to vet he suggested this food, it worked a treat her coat is beautiful now she is happier and much more playful
07/08/15 | Lucy Beaghen
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Recommended by vet and has proved to be the cure!

My little female cat has had a trouble with her insides since being a kitten and bottle fed mostly as her mum had two boys also who took over the natural milk! She was in a rescue home and mostly hand reared. I took her to the vet after many problems with her diet and tummy but we have had little trouble since she has this (half a pouch) in the morning and grain free (this isn't by the way) bix for the rest of the day. She still gets the odd problem but seems to be happy and fit with no tummy upset for most of the time. I would recommend this food for a sensitive tummy.
10/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.se
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Cat with diarrhoea

We were taking care of two kittens that I found at our allotment. One was very sick, skinny and not growing as he should. After treatments for various parasites and regular deworming, both kittens' stomachs were still very sensitive. They are unable to eat normal kitten food, but with this food their stomachs have finally calmed down and are working properly!
28/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.it
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Great product and great price. I noticed that my cat has started to eat a lot more though, over 3kg of the food in less than 2 months. I hope this is normal!