22/02/21 | Ana Rusu
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My 2y old cat is on this food since December at vet recommendation. He LOVED it until I bought a 5kg bag from you guys. I am not sure what the problem is, but the second he smells it, he turns away unhappy and choses to starve but not eat. It feels like the kibbles were exposed to humidity or smth. So, I bought the exact same food from local vet and voila....he eats it like crazy. I tried to mix the 2 bags, but he wouldn't eat it mixed. Unfortunately it was a complete waste of money for me!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Soft poo.

I bought this food as my vet recommended for Birman cats who as a breed have sensitive digestion problems. But still his poo is soft. Not as it should be when fed a digestive care cat food. Product obviously not as good as claimed.
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beware of recipe changes now!

I have been feeding this product (dried version) to my 2 cats for around 4 years this time (previously on Purina HA). They both have IBD issues but had been doing well on this food - until recently! I had ordered 2 bags here at a good price but then discovered Hills had changed the recipe and made additions I later found out. Sadly this cost me trips to my vets and 1 cat had terrible runny stools, things now settled 6 weeks on but be careful to introduce to cats v slowly & observe with vet.