31/03/18 | Janice Tidy
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Hill's prescription diet feline y/d Thyroid Care

17 yr. old cats.- was prescribed pills for one of my cat's, Minni, vomited everywhere so stopped them. She eats this biscuit but won't touch the soft - however her twin sister will, so feed that to her mixed in water as it is so thick, and put a little Gourmet Gold Pate on top of it. Minni has to have Gourmet Gold Pate fish only. She does looks much better now as she was getting weak. When the soft has gone will just feed the dry and whatever they fancy with it! See how it goes.
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So far so good

My 17 year old furbaby was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism 12 months ago and had been on medication. I have chosen this diet (wet and dry) for him instead of continuing the meds which seemed to be making him ill. He seems so much brighter. He is still underweight, but early days. I mix the wet food with some warm water. I have crushed some of the dry food and sprinkle this on top of the wet food to make it a bit more appetising.
31/03/17 | Kate
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Excellent Results!!

My 10 year old Maine Coon developed thyroid problems in January of this year. She lost loads of weight and her coat looked awful. We tried medication but she had a bad allergic reaction to it. She has only ever eaten Maine Coon food and I was worried about trying something else after all these years. I took her back to the vet after 5 weeks and all bloods came back normal, she has gained weight,her coat looks great and she is happy again!! I would definitely recommend this diet.
08/01/17 | Jan
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Thyroid is back to normal

My 15-year-old cat developed an overactive thyroid in August. She threw up the pills the vet prescribed so I switched her to the y/d prescription. She's been on it for 8 weeks, and her blood test last Friday showed no signs of an over-active thyroid. She's always eaten Hills food, so it wasn't hard to switch. The only thing I wish is that Hills made y/d treats. Instead I put some y/d food in a Whiskas Temptations box and she thinks they're treats, lol.
06/06/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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It's the business!

My Chayenne's thyroid blood tests have returned to normal since starting on this food. I'd recommend it.
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Back to normal weight

our 13 year old cat started to get very thin in Oct 15 (even though he ate loads of his normal food), and his coat looked really scraggy. We went to the vet who diagnosed thyroid problems, and then gave us 3 options: an operation, medication or this special diet. We went for the latter option and after a short time the cat was back to a normal weight and looking healthy again. He's started to play again too, which is the most important thing.
22/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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After consulting our vet for our cat who has hyperthyroidism, we have been using this food for about a year. He only eats this food and he's really back to what he was like before he got sick. Fantastic! He has a really shiny coat and he's behaving as cats normally do - playing around, getting into everything, and not stressed at all.
18/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Very good

Very good product! My cat is doing much better since we started feeding him y/d and his fur is really silky too.
05/02/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Overactive thyroid

My cat is 12 and has an overactive thyroid. I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and since then her thyroid tests are in the normal range again. She really likes the food, so I'd recommend it to anyone else. The vet recommended it to me.
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Very very good!

This food has saved my cat! He was very thin and unhappy, tablets didn't help him and made him very sick but this food has transformed him, he has doubled in weight and is much more relaxed, so pleased!
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My moggie has hyperthyroidism but thanks to this food her blood counts have returned to normal in 6 weeks! I recommend this product - it means I don't have to stuff pills down her!

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