02/28/10 | Danny Hyett


My cat Mavis devloped a really sensitive stomach and most food she ate was shortly vomited out along with a clump of her fur. She hates being brushed and her hair isn't particularly long, just very dense. However, I've been feeding her this Iams Hairball control food for two months now and not only does she love it (going crazy each time I feed her) but it has almost cured her hairball hacking episodes. She's only thrown up one in all this time whereas before it was about twice a week. Her coat is still thick and glossy, she doesn't 'hunch' anymore and the other advantage is that I can leave this food down all day while I go to work. It works out a lot cheaper than the stuff I was buying from the supermarket as well. All in all she's a very happy cat! I would have given the product five stars if there was another flavour to give her a bit of variety.