05/09/17 | Patricia

My cat loved it!

My cat loved the food and made his fur bright and soft. I´m going to keep on feeding him with this.

A long-term solution!

I've been using this one from Ports 21 for a while. Very happy and will stick to it for a while.
09/10/16 | TheDoZeeePetBedCo

Love it

My two ginger ninjas love this food, good quality ingredients and great value - my new arrival is also tucking in to his sisters food bowls already!
02/02/16 | missie moo

Excellent !

I can vouch for this cat food as my 3 Ragdolls and my Bengal X Burmese have been eating it for one year ! Their condition is excellent , coats , skin , teeth and none are overweight and are in tip top condition ! I used this and also the kitten version through pregnancy and raising the kittens . The queen didn't lose an ounce and the vet said she was the healthiest queen she had seen ! The kittens thrived on it ! The litter box smells are so much better too . An affordable quality food made with superior ingredients .
01/27/15 | The DoZeee Pet Bed Company

Great improvement happy cats

I just changed my 4 cats (ages range 20 years to 3years) to this & can see the difference in less than 2 weeks, their fur is better condition, they eat it all & don't keep begging for more (til their next feeding time). I find it frustrating that Zooplus don't include ingredients on the website, but found them on cat forum before purchased & I didn't get the free Cosma snacks with my bag :( This has 32% protein, 21%fat. Hope this helps
12/24/14 | Emma parr

Happy cats

I have a multicat household which is hard going finding a product all cats enjoy. I couldn't decide between this one and sanabelle sensitive as both have good reviews so I ordered a bag of both. All cats enjoy both products even my most fussiest cat so I am very happy. I am glad to find two products all of them enjoy and a reasonable price tag for good quality food
12/07/14 | Jackie

Porta 21

I have been feeding my cats (Ragdolls and Maine coons) Royal canin feline since they were kittens but over the last few months i noticed there coats had gone dull and they were not eaten the biscuit as much and a couple of them had started being sick. So after reading other reviews on here about the porta 21 i thought i would give it ago and wow after about 3 weeks on it there coats are glossy and silky soft again and touch wood no sick and even there poo's seem a lot better, and i am saving myself money as this is nearly half the price of royal canin. highly recommend
06/08/14 | maria

great and economical

we have 5 cats so this food does brilliant for them to snack on between wet food meals. I used to find my black cat had very greasy fur and dandruff with a lot of brands, but now this looks just nicely glossy and the bag goes a long way.
06/08/14 | Kathy

Happy cats

After being a long-term buyer of Hills and Royal Canin on their breeder plan I decided to try a different brand because suddenly the cats (Maine Coons and Short Hairs) were not happy to eat all their food and a couple were often sick afterwards. So I tried Porta 21 Feline Finest and wow - ALL 18 cats are very happy and come running when dinner is served. No more being sick and every piece is eaten. It's also saved me loads of money because this is about half the price of the others even with the breeder discount but seems to be much better quality. It's so good I've already recommended it to other breeders.
11/04/13 | T Johnson

Excellent food if Orijen is out of your price range!

Bought this product as a replacement for Ultima and because I could not afford to feed 3 cats on Orijen. My 3 cats would not eat anything else besides Ultima and I was concerned that it was not one of the better dry food products. After a lot of research on dry foods, this one appeared to be second best to Orijen. My youngest cat is very overweight and had become quite lethargic. She refuses to eat wet or fresh meat and would starve if I took the Ultima away and replaced it with another brand. Leelou took to this brand immediately which was a great relief! She seems to have a lot more energy now and even looks a little bit slimmer! I was hoping to move her on to the Porta 21 Sensible, but unfortunately she does not seem to like it as much as this one. I really like the shape and texture of the biscuits. They are not as hard as a lot of biscuits and break up easily when my cats are eating them. This is definitely a plus point for Moomin who is very prone to eating too quickly and being sick after she eats. This has not happened with these biscuits. I would definitely recommend this dry food above most others, as it contains more natural ingredients suited to a cat's natural diet, higher amounts of protein and minimal amounts of carbohydrate.
07/22/13 | Coral

Excellent Bite Biscuits

I Started my cat's on applaws originally & 4 of the 6 didn't too well on them so i moved onto The Porta 21 Green Bag, which still 3 out of the 6 wer'e having problems with, I realised it was the Older Cats that were having problems with it, probably do to high meat content or Maybe? So Now Iv'e chosen The Yellow bag of Porta 21, & They have all been Good on this bag a good, & it's 4 weeks on! They really do seem to like this Biscuit , Which I Am Really Pleased about, No More Sick, to clean up Hoorah! & I can always let the younger cat's eat the remainder of The Applaws, then the Green bag porta 21, then gradually slowly but surely they will All be eating the same again! Well Happy with this Porta 21 Yellow bag, The Price is Very Good Too! Nice Strong Plastic bag keeps it really fresh, & Meat content & Ingredients is really good, Try I am really certain All Cat's will really Love this!!!! Great size Kibbles , Great for their Teeth Too! I'm A Really Very Happy Customer, Mant Thanx Zooplus!!
04/27/13 | jo

excellent product

I have Siamese cats who can only tolerate this anything else upsets them badly. I tried the more expensive one of this product as I felt bad they were missing out, but this upset them as well so will be sticking to the porta feline finest (yellow bag) as they have been fine with this. plus price is excellent.
03/21/13 | Emma

Nothing left in the bowl!

I have never seen anything like it. I put it in their bowls and its gone in half an hour! Unbelievable. Its a defo order everytime! Very good value for money.

Good quality food which our cats love

Our two cats are now getting on - nearly 15. For years we had fed them on Iams and then moved to France and found it difficult to buy. We tried other food - thought Burns would be good but they lost weight and the condition of their fur deteriorated after several months. At first we thought they were just getting old (this was 2-3 years ago). Anyway I switched them to this food and they love it (they are not fussy though). They now look much healthier and their fur is beautiful once more. They have a lot of life and energy - regularly chasing each other around. Since feeding them this they have really improved and are back to how they were. We also seem to have less fur balls. Definitely worth a try. It is good value for the quality of the food.

Excellent Food

We have tried lots of different foods over the years with our cats but this food comes out on top at the moment. Even the fussy eaters like it ! Would recommend

porta 21 cat food

I would definetely recommend this food, the ingredients are high quality and the cats love it, it has a strong smell and taste too I presume! It is also very reasonably priced. It also has brought one of my cats back to full health after he got very ill eating supermarket food, he lost so much weight in a short space of time you could feel his spine and hips and his fur was falling out. after a short time on Porta 21 he is a perfect weight and has a lovely glossy coat. all of my cats look great on it and are very active and happy. they have free access to a dish of porta 21 all the time with tinned food for their dinner in the evening.
07/28/10 | STEVEN MOORE

even our fussy foster cats eat it

now placed order for another 2 economy packs of the product the cats still love it, it,s so far the only food they,ve not turned there noses up at. we,re now looking after several foster cats and they love it as well,give your cats a treat buy some of this for them
07/19/10 | Rebecca

bonne nourriture

Nos 2 chats n'ont pas vu la différence quand on a fait le changement du Porta 21 holistic à cette nourriture. comme le holistic, nos chats apprecient beaucoup cette nourriture. En plus, ils n'ont pas de problème de digestion.
06/19/10 | steven moore

update on porta 21

been using this food for a week now still no problems the cats love it including all the foster cats they,ve taken very well to it considering they had,nt tried it before last week cats will be eating this from now on A+++++
06/11/10 | steven moore

amazing cat food

this food is amazing i,ve had my 10 cats on this for only a few days but they go crazy for it originally the cats ate arden grange chicken and rice dried food i changed the supplier and brand of food i,ve been using as like most of us i,ve got to watch the pennies, this way i get the best of both worlds a much cheaper supplier and very good quality food fed as treats the cats go mad for this and with them being so fussy and being ragdolls i was relieved they liked it A+++++

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