07/12/17 | Smeg31
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Good for the price

My 2 cats seem to like the food. I've been feeding it to them for years - about a year ago I came home daily (for about 4/5 days) to find vomit on the floor and could see bits of the dry food in it. I got a different dry food the next time and then went back to this one, there have been no issues since so im not sure if there was a bad batch made or not but thankfully it seems to have been a 1 off.
04/11/13 | T Johnson
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Worth a try but my cats prefer Porta 21 Adult!

I bought this product because it seemed to be the second best choice after Orijen which I cannot afford. Only very few brands offer a completely grain free diet, high in protein and this is one of them. Unfortunately, all three of my cats do not appear to really like this food. They are still eating it, but they all definitely preferred the Porta 21 Adult in the yellow bag. I believe that this one is better for their health with the high quality protein content, but I'm not sure they agree! I will continue to purchase Porta 21, but will go with their unanimous preference for Porta 21 Adult. Overall, I would recommend Porta 21 as the best dry product I have bought and I have been buying cat food for 11 years now!
04/06/13 | charlotte
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Cats hated it but got used to it.

No one was sick on this food and it helped the older boys lose their winter weight and my girl lose all her fat - she was a fair bit overweight(from grains) They went on strike for about 2 weeks not eating it so i did feed them some wet food but they did get used to it. It was really good value and really good food
07/05/13 | Malcolm
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Not bad at all

My cat is about half way through the 2KG bag of Porta 21. I have to say I didn't like the smell of the product (think burnt chicken skin) but then I am not a cat- and mine eats it with no problem. So as she likes it I will buy it again- good value too.
14/07/11 | Leeann
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A cheaper alternative to Applaws

I purchased this as an alternative to Applaws as my 3 cats enjoyed Applaws but i found it overly expensive, even though they thrived on it. This smells and looks the same and the cats ate it heartily straight away. Don't be put off by the smell , it is dark brown and has a strong meaty,yeasty,malty odour, the cats seem to find it lovely but the smell does linger in the kitchen if you leave the bowl down. Kept them in their usual beautiful condition a nice healthy weight, glossy coat and hard stools. I would recommend this to anyone who finds their cat's thrive on Applaws but simply cannot justify the price. I have fed my cats on Orijen, Applaws, Hills Science plan,James Wellbeloved and fish4cats and this is up there with them!!! A 10kg bag roughly has done me 3 months with 3 medium sized indoor female cats.