30/11/18 | Suzanne
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3 Spoiled Ragdolls

I have 3 large Ragdolls they absolutely love this food I have 1 who’s not fussed with wet food and prefers just eating this , my ginger Tom I used to have would only ever eat this never touched wet. I’m a little bit annoyed that the price had gone up quite a bit by over £15 wondering if I should try buying it elsewhere but still fab food . Come on Zooplus if it’s cheaper to buy from you than elsewhere put the price back down to £29 for 10kg pleaseeeeeee
01/01/18 | Cole
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Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it
08/07/16 | Alex
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My cat loves it

My cat is cray about treats and the dry food is also good. He ate it in a min 👍🏻
10/04/16 | 5 fussy cats
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Royal Canin Exigent Fussy Cat-Aromatic Attraction

After reading the good reviews on this food I thought I would give it a try from my the usual brands of Royal Canin /Hills?Proplan I usually buy. I have 5 cats ,one is very fussy and only eats dry food , I expected all or most of my cats to love this food going on the reviews but my cats were not the least bit interested and walked away from their bowls. I am still putting the food down in the hope they will eventually like it. I guess my cats are just fussier than other peoples fussy cats.
27/10/15 | Medford's mummy
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My boy used to have Sensible 33 but he started to turn his nose up at it . We decided to keep with the Royal Canin brand and found this was exactly what we needed . He loves is . He's a sensitive little chap but no problems with this at all . His coat is glossy and he has more energy . Very happy with this . Thumbs up from us , paws up from my kitty .
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fuss pot

I have tried so many other products to end up going back to the Aromatic Attraction for my cat he just loves it
28/06/14 | lynn
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I have two four year old maine coons. They went off the Royal Canin Sensitive so have spent the past few months trying them on every single food on the supermarket shelf, and I mean everything. I must have spent (wasted) hundreds of pounds on foods, wet and dry, that they just turned their noses up. They have been losing weight, their coats were looking shabby and the male has had terrible tummy problems, top and bottom and stud tail (even though he is neutered). Buying this food, after a bit of online research, was the best thing I ever did. They LOVE it. Eat the lot and keep wandering over to their bowl for more. In one week all tummy problems have totally cleared up, stud tail has completely gone (never realised that could be diet related) and their coats are already looking amazing, soft and shiny. If you are having a problem finding a good food your cats will love then buy this. I highly recommended, it has saved me so much worry and probably a hefty vets bill.
16/06/14 | Barbara Brown
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Happy Cat and Hedgehogs

Rile loves Royal Canin Outdoor. He adopted us four years ago. This food is perfect for him, he has a lovely coat and has an ideal weight of 4kg. He also has 1 pouch of Royal Canin Instinctive daily. He prefers kibbles to pouches, but eats all of his pouch. The hedgehogs which visited my garden last year loved Royal Canin. This was recommended by the Hedgehog Preservation Trust. There were four babies born in my garage. Two have started visiting this year. They do enjoy Royal Canin!! Excellent value, quick delivery, I am very pleased with Zooplus.
08/06/14 | Michelle
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Fussy Cats love this

I have two fussy cats who for no reason will just decide not to eat the food I have bought, however since changing to Royal Canin Sterilised they have loved it and no problems. Great to buy food now in 10Kg bags, easy and convenient.
30/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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good dry food for problem cats

This food is popular with older cats with a weakened sense of smell. Their weight is stabilising and their fur is becoming shinier.
21/03/14 | Sarah
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Great for sensitive cats with ibs

My sphynx cats have extreamly delicate tummys this feed is fab totaly settled there tummys
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Thank Goodness

--for this Aromatic Attraction food my cat will eat this when he turns his nose up at most other foods just leaving them to go bad rather than eat. I do try to introduce other cat foods so he is not dependent on just one type never ever having had a fussy cat before I am just pleased to have one food he likes a lot that seems to keep him healthy his coat shines and he seems a very fit and active cat.
01/10/13 | Juli
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The very best!

Four indoor cats and this food keeps them fit and healthy, with gleaming coats and bounds of energy. I have tried other brands, but I always go back to Royal Canin. Fabulous quality food.
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Happy cats

Recently brought home two rescue cats and tried various foods as I wasnt sure what they had been given in the past...they left most of the tinned stuff untouched and I was getting a little anxious but as soon as I gave them this dried food it all changed.... now this household has 1 very happy owner and 2 extremely happy cats!!! Thank you Royal Cannin !!!
06/09/12 | Richard Morcombe
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Just the best

We have a wonderful Selkirk Rex longhair and we mean longhair,Lottie is three years old and through her formative years we and Lottie did have coat and hairball issue,s, until we discovered Royal Canine 27 and all of our and Lottie,s problems just vanished. Her coat is now super fine and we get a ball once in a blue moon, thank you Royal Canine and of course Zooplus who we love to buy from. Richard and Janet and of course Lottie.
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good value for money

Very good value for money this 10kg bag will keep my 2 cats going forever! best bit was the free cat tunnel, they love playing with the toy attached and chase each other through it!
06/09/12 | pete weston
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Cats Diet Sorted.

We have 3 cats and no matter which style or type of food we used one of them always seemed to get the runs. Giving different food to each cat was near impossible, We were advised to try the Royal canin Sensible which did the trick and suited all cats and they all like it. though initially expensive from local pet stores the Zooplus price was much less, delivered quick and hassle free, Regular free gifts sent with it too which is a bonus.
06/09/12 | Janis
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My Devon Rexes Love This!

I purchased RC Babycat for my first litter. The kibble is tiny, just the right size for kittens little mouths when weaning. Excellent quality and value.
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Finally a food he will eat !

We had tried everything from the most expensive to grocery store bought but nothing would entice him enough to get any weight on his too thin frame. Finally we have success, he inhales this food and actually comes looking to get fed...this "battle" has gone on for almost 2 years so our relief is immense...thank you from a very happy cat owner.
28/05/12 | kapil
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Good one for dog's health

Good one for dog's health