05/26/21 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

8 Cats Can’t Be Wrong

We have 8 cats all shapes and sizes and they all eat ageing 12+ it’s there favourite
08/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Top food

My cats all lovd this foof by Toyal canin .has joint suppliment added to keep them mobile and is aecellent value for momey .top class
07/20/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Fantastic for my two housecats

I have two house cats one long hair one short hair both from same litter and they have been with me for 19 years. They are fussy and would starve rather than eat something they don't like. These biscuits they both adore. They hardly eat any wet food any more and are bouncing around like kittens. Excellent food highly recommend.

The cats love this

I have three cats, one of whom is 16 and struggling more with his health. He adores this biscuit, in spite of him having become fussy in his old age, he tucks into this, as do the other two. A great product, worth the money.
04/24/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Ten cats love it!!

I’ve got ten rescue cats, many with food issues but since giving them this food, I’ve seen a vast difference. They all love it too. I used to see a lot of tummy issues but now they’ve stopped, and less ‘sicky’ days. I can highly recommend it. It’s also easy to eat for cats with no teeth or elderly cats as it has a soft centre.


My 17 year old Burmese girl has got very fussy in her old age, but she really loves this stuff. Its so hard to find specific food for older cats, most are for cats aged 7 and over, so its great to find a food for the truly elderly cats. My girl is doing will on this.
03/10/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

My cat is a fan of this

My cat loves this dry food. It's not too small, which my cat can find difficult to pick up.
04/06/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Total perfection for my Golden Oldies

I have never known this food to be refused. Just looking at the ingredients again I am amazed at how carefully the chosen ingredients are put together. The small size with blend of soft and crunchy is ideal and appetizing. Not seen anything else that can compare
03/06/19 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Super food

My elderly cats love this food my oldedt is 25 and i have 2 who are 18. They readily eat this kibble and have no health or mobility problems .would teally recommend it and its good value as well
10/15/18 | Mrs christine spiby


My cats love this my oldest is 25 its always readily eaten and cats all look well on it HIGHLY RECCOMENDED
06/02/18 | Caroline Kerswill

Brilliant Stuff

After a recent routine check up and booster our vet was impressed with the health of our cat's mouth. 19 years old and still all her own teeth, can't be bad eh!
05/20/17 | Dette

Rolo's favourite

Rolo, my 7 year old maine coon absolutely adores this Ageing +12. I have three cats, and all eat Royal Canin. I put three different flavours in three different bowls and they all eat together. The ageing +12 is always the first to be eaten.
03/04/17 | Caroline

Our 21 year old cat has been on this for years!

Our elderly cat is fussy but still gets through this food even with not so many teeth. She has just reached 21 which i am sure is partly due to her diet plus lots of warm cosy places to sleep.
02/07/17 | C.Dennis

Our elderly (two)cats love this food!

We've been trying to get our two on to better kibble for some time.Thank goodness we found Royal Canin!And thank goodness to Zooplus for good choices and price and excellent deliveries.
02/07/17 | Gary Dalkin

Excellent food for older cats

We put our now 14 year old cat on this food after he had some health problems. He is fussy about his food and won't always eat it, but there is far less waste with Royal Canin than various cheaper brands, which he now refuses to touch. Highly recommended.
10/09/16 | Louise

My elderly cat loves these biscuits

My 17 year old cat Walter is still quite active and likes to go outside half of the time but he is slowing down and his appetite has reduced and he has a bit of gingivitis. The shape and consistency of the biscuits is perfect and they are an appetite stimulant and so help me to maintain his weight. He loves them!


This is the kibble that my cats love from young to elderly. They can chew, nay crunch these lovely pillow-shaped "biscuits", which makes them very "teeth-friendly". A bowl of this food empties much faster than other bowls of kibble. A very good choice of food for my cats, to supplement their "wet diet".
10/12/15 | Debbie

our old cat loves these biscuits 🍪.

Our Tom is a fussy cat 🐱, I was so pleased when he started devouring these. I don't put him loads out at a time with him been old but, he soon lets me know when he wants some more 😊 highly recommended.
06/16/15 | Mary

Ageing Cat food

My old cat adores this food, would recommend this for fussy eaters, he never leaves any in his bowl, this large bag lasts ages, great price too.
05/12/15 | Mara

Happy Cat -happy mommy

My sweet elderly cat (15 years old) started vomiting the food wiskas, then I had to stop giving it to her, and only give dry food. Her coat began to get dull and falling. Then I found Royal Canin Ageing +12, she just love it, she can digest it fine and her coat looks beautiful. She is happy and healthy, and I am happy!

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