Save a visit to the vet

My cat was constantly getting scabs and scratching them opening them. Bought this and issue was gone within a week, did throw up a bit for the first few days but once he got used to it never looked back. Highly recommended

08/31/21 | Ana

My cats love it

My 2 cats love this food and their hair is so shiny and smooth now!



The cat couldn't digest the food and she was sick from it

10/06/20 | Mariam

Perfect food for long coated cats

When we got our persian cat from the shelter, he had an itchy atopic skin and matted coat, that had to be cut down it was so bad. At first I gave him the same food that my domestic long hair cat eats, but his fur remained shineless. I thought I'd give RC hair&skin a try. Within a month already his fur became easier to brush! It's been about one year now, and both my cats eat only RC hair&skin. Their fur is AMAZING soft, shiny and easy to brush. I totally recommend to any cat with long coat!

04/05/20 | Janet Waterfall

Very Good

I've found Hair & Skin gives a lovely touch to my cat's fur. He is a bi-colour Persian, and people always stop to stroke him, and comment on his soft (and colourful) fur.

09/17/18 | Evey

What a difference this has made!!

We have a mid-long haired cat, so she always needs to do that extra bit of grooming! I noticed a while ago that her fur was getting a bit matted in places, so thought I'd try this... OMG what a difference it's made!! I found it took slightly longer than 3 weeks to really see the huge difference, but this was totally worth it. Her fur is now shiny and sooo soft! I would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to give their cat that extra bit of skin & hair care!!

01/01/18 | Cole

Little Persian loves it

Royal Canin is the best food. My Persian cats love it

02/09/16 | Maddie

Very Good

I have one cat with very sensitive digestive system. She cannot have many foods, but can this as it doesn't upset her. It provides variety in her limited diet.

11/29/15 | Paula B


One of my cats, a Cornish Rex, was going decidedly bald in places and the vet could not find any obvious reason such as dermatitis. I tried these biscuits and after a couple of months the improvement is clearly visible. She is never going to have thick fur because Rex cats have only the underneath down layer, but at least she is now comfortably covered for the winter months. Highly recommended.

05/04/15 | brigitte


my cat had flea allergy dermatitis and these biscuits have been a lifesaver for her as it is specific for skin and coat. it has eased her discomfort and her coat is glorious again!

08/22/14 | Cath Lee

would highly recommend

I have four cats 2 DSH aged 10 and 2 NFC 9 months and they absolutely love these biscuits. They also have Royal Canin Norwegian Forest and Pure feline biscuits but the hair and skin dish is always empty first. All 4 look fit and healthy with a lovely silky smooth coat. I would highly recommend this to any cat lover.

10/12/13 | Lisa

Wow - it really works!

I suspect my poor cat has a mild flea allergy as (even though we regularly use Frontline Combo) the minute a flea jumps on her she runs about like a complete loon scratching and licking all over. She'd had dandruff ever since her first flea 'infestation' (pre Frontline Combo!) and was always scratching and moulting loads. I thought I'd try this after reading the reviews and after just a couple of weeks (and while feeding her half this and half wet food, so not exclusively) she no longer has dandruff, is not moulting so much and isn't scratching all the time! Her coat has always been lovely and shiny, but is even glossier than ever! I really couldn't recommend this enough - I'm sure my cat would say the same!

09/07/13 | Natashia


My ginger Tom had a rough upbringing and a bad coat due to it. I have tried everything! He over groomed, itched and moulted all the time (really bad moulting). He's been on this only a week but the moulting is non existent! He's barely itching or grooming all the time and seems a lot happier. His fur is already looking glossier too. When I say I tried everything I do mean every food brand as well as omega tablets, fish etc. this is an amazing product for bad coats. His dandruff has cleared up already! One very relaxed and beautiful pussy cat here. :)

08/13/13 | Victoria

My Kittens love it!

We have two Mainecoon kittens and have been feeding them Royal Canin Maincoon kitten and Hair & Skin. They both love them both! Their fur is silky, shiny and soft and both are very happy and healthy.


excellent food

I've been feeding this food to my 3 cats for about 5 years now and they love it. Their coats are always thick and shiny and I am often complimented on how healthy they look.

04/02/13 | MrsH

Excellent product

My cat, who will be 13 this year, loves this food so much and his fur is beautiful since I started feeding him on it. I tried the 12+ but it made him itch as he was allergic to it, but the Hair & Skin suits him very well - no more itching! I wrote to the company and they said he is fine to carry on eating this as it's suitable for any age cat.

12/09/12 | TF

Norwegian Forest cats love this food

I have 3 Nowegian Forest cats who eat this food exclusively. They all have beautiful coats which stay in great condition. I tried them on some Royal Canin Maine Coon food as I thought that crunching the larger pieces would be good for their teeth, but they turned their noses up and insisted on the Hair and Skin variety. Obviously the cats think that this is excellent food too!

09/06/12 | pete weston

Cats Diet Sorted.

We have 3 cats and no matter which style or type of food we used one of them always seemed to get the runs. Giving different food to each cat was near impossible, We were advised to try the Royal canin Sensible which did the trick and suited all cats and they all like it. though initially expensive from local pet stores the Zooplus price was much less, delivered quick and hassle free, Regular free gifts sent with it too which is a bonus.


good value for money

Very good value for money this 10kg bag will keep my 2 cats going forever! best bit was the free cat tunnel, they love playing with the toy attached and chase each other through it!

09/06/12 | Richard Morcombe

Just the best

We have a wonderful Selkirk Rex longhair and we mean longhair,Lottie is three years old and through her formative years we and Lottie did have coat and hairball issue,s, until we discovered Royal Canine 27 and all of our and Lottie,s problems just vanished. Her coat is now super fine and we get a ball once in a blue moon, thank you Royal Canine and of course Zooplus who we love to buy from. Richard and Janet and of course Lottie.

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